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  1. molecule

    Instrumental Kora (21 string harp; sounds like steeldrum + guitar
    email required

    I'm going to try something different here:
    Hailing from Senegal, West Africa is Grammy Award nominated Youssoupha Sidibe. Though he currently resides in Amherst, Massachusetts, he continues to share the story of his West African heritage through his music.

    There are few instruments that can stand alone with no vocals or percussion. Sometimes it is the musician who imbues the instrument with dimension, while other times, the instrument itself is so powerful that it carries its own rich soul and the musician is but a puppeteer. In the case of Sidibe, both instances are true.

    On his album Sacred Sound, Sidibe showcases both his skill as a musician and the ancient soul that his instrument possesses. The 21-string African harp known as a Kora, has been his extra appendage for over 20 years. He studied with a traditional Kora instructor as well as at the National Music Conservatory of Senegal receiving both a private and formal education of the instrument. Sidibe’s love for and dedication to this indigenous African instrument has transcended his native land and made the transatlantic journey to the U.S.

    Sacred Sound is a 12-track LP that explores the intricacies of African Devotional Music. Purely instrumental, just a man and his kora, each song weaves into the next through various time signatures and melodies. Because it was recorded during a live performance, there are no beginnings or ends, only a seamless flow from one song to the next. At times, the harp is tremulous and soothing, sending electric waves up the spine. Other times it is simple and slow as he allows each string to fully resonate. But to keep things interesting—like in the tracks “Dieuf” and “Bamba Dji”—he will sometimes play with the frenetic fury of a Jimmy Page guitar solo. Sidibe is as precise as he is organic.

    “I had the songs ready before recording,” Sidibe explains. “I played them straight in a live performance setting with lots of improvisation to give it a natural progression of sounds and melodies that would stimulate a sense of peace and meditation for the listeners.”

    Sacred Sound is a powerful piece of music that is simple in arrangement yet complex in technique. Listening to Sidibe’s dexterous playing is like hearing a snippet of ancient, musical history brought back to life in a digital era.

    ~Morena Duwe
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  2. molecule

    Ambient Drone
    no email required
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  3. taffy2207
    :flag_ua: Odradek Room

    Atmospheric Black Metal. No Email Address Required. 585MB 24 Bit (24/44).
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  4. molecule

    Instrumental Cinematic Prog-rock
    no email required
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  5. taffy2207
    :flag_ru: Eptimia

    Black Metal / Jazz (I kid you not). I'm still trying to make my mind up about this. You know when something is 'out there' ? this is some way beyond that.

    No Email Address Required. 835.4MB.
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  6. molecule
    Heard snippets of Erbarme dich in there ("I feel like I've played this before?!?!?"):

    I wish they made a whole album out of that demented jazz; would make good background for a haunted house version of Hobby Lobby or Michaels :smiling_imp:
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  7. molecule
  8. molecule
  9. molecule

    Ambient Guitar
    email required
  10. molecule

    email required
  11. taffy2207
    :flag_us: Sleepy Dog

    Math Rock. No Email Address Required. 249.9MB.
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  12. taffy2207
    :flag_it: Cosmic Juice

    Acid Rock / Space Rock. Email Address Required. 252.7MB.

    Borrows heavily from the likes of Black Sabbath (e.g. Paranoid on the first track) but it's a fun ride. Their Demo is NYP as well.
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  13. taffy2207
    :flag_us: Howling Giant

    Progressive Rock / Desert Rock / Psychadelic Rock. Email Address Required. 210.4MB, 251.8MB & 124.8MB.
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  14. molecule

    Electronic beats
    no email required
  15. taffy2207
    :flag_in: Transcending Obscurity

    Death Metal / Black Metal / Doom Sampler. Email Address Required. 1.5GB.
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