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Discussion in 'Music' started by stratocasterman, Jan 5, 2013.
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    no email required
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  4. molecule

    Unexpectedly, a WAV from SoundCloud
    Dark Bass/Glitch/Rap (some NSFW lyrics (I think))
    no email required
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  5. molecule

    Ambient Post-Rock
    no email required, NYP ONLY UNTIL DEC 10TH
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  6. molecule

    Psydub/Electronica/Hip hop
    email required
  7. molecule

    YET ANOTHER Progtronics compilation!
    See below for their message from the email:
    Our 10th jubilee edition of the “Progotronics” compilation is now available for download from our Bandcamp. As usual, it brings 20 new bands and songs, what also means that in 10 months we presented 200 bands through Progotronics.
    We will be back in December with the Vol. 11, but until then enjoy this new piece of music, share it with your friends, and support the bands

    email required
  8. molecule

    Vocal Indie Folk/Pop
    I'm kind of conflicted about this right now (possible intonation problems), but I'm a sucker for "deadlines" on free stuff...
    email required; only NYP until Jan 1st 2018
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  9. molecule

    Vocal Indie Rock
    no email required
  10. molecule

    Ambient Prog Rock
    email required, NYP only until Dec 10th, 2017, scroll down for links to ~8 other NYP prog albums
  11. molecule

    Glitch Hop (and unless I'm mistaken, Mr. Bill collaborated on one of the tracks!)
    email required

    Side note: many of these would be great for a running playlist (e.g. 170-220 BPM). Anyone know of a good script/program to sort a music library on Linux by BPM?
  12. molecule

    email required
  13. Funambulistic
    I am not a HUGE fan of prog, but some of the tracks are pretty good - thanks! The first track by Imperia was awesome, until they started singing... Reminds me of my Norwegian metal days.
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  14. molecule
    TBH I'm not a big prog fan either; most of my prog posts are due to email subscriptions I signed up for back when taffy2207 was posting a lot (he was REALLY into prog)
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