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Discussion in 'Music' started by stratocasterman, Jan 5, 2013.
  1. molecule

    email required

    Sorry I haven't been posting much recently; I was busy this weekend dealing with a family emergency. My music subscription folder is now up to 200 unread, so there's bound to be some good stuff coming up!

    Schadenfreude for all you people who like the "email required" warnings: For every good find I get in an email, I also get at least 10 meaningless (to me) emails about tours I'll never go to, vinyls I'll never buy, and merch I would never wear. Still worth it IMO since I can usually sort pretty fast, but still.
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  2. molecule

    email required
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  3. molecule

    Ambient Soundtrack
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    1. Is this synth orchestra (e.g. is this by a real orchestra or is it just made from nice samples? I'm embarrassed to ask since I play violin + viola, so I "should" know but I don't)
    2. Would that even matter? Is this kind of thing generally scorned or is it a necessary stage for a beginning composer nowadays? I remember the laughable MIDI playback of MuseScore, but this is of course much better than that :)
  4. molecule

    Prog Rock
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    ONLY NYP FOR ONE MORE WEEK (as of 2017-11-08)

    I recognize these as being NYP before, so they may again go back to NYP in the future.
    Sorry I didn't post these earlier; I mis-read this as "4 free tracks", not albums!
    Promo "albums" I found the above from:
  5. molecule

    email required

    This arrived earlier than expected, and I think it's at least as good as the Wrath of Code! It's more varied in terms of structure than WoC, but it's still great. I think that's a common theme for artists continuing to compose over time; Overwerk's State album was much more varied than his previous EPs, and after several listens I think that was a good thing :)
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  6. molecule

    email required
    I'm so tired right now that I nearly paid my zip-code for one of these! Fortunately Bandcamp doesn't allow purchases over $1000 :dt880smile:
  7. VNandor
  8. molecule

    "Spooky" EDM
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  9. VNandor

    If anyone likes his style, check out his bandcamp, there are some more free downloads.
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  10. molecule

    Vocal Dub
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  11. Cagin
    Nice find, right up my alley, thank you!
  12. VNandor

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  13. molecule
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  14. molecule

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  15. molecule

    Experimental Electronic
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