Official 2016 SF Head-Fi Meet Impressions Thread - July 16, 2016

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  1. vipervick
    You guys need to hold a meet when I don't work!!!
  2. glitch39
    to those who listened to the modded HE-6 plugged in to the EC amp in the member's area, does anyone know what pads are attached it?

    looks like brainwavz angled, but am not sure.

  3. moedawg140 Contributor

    Those lights were pretty bright, haha. Kinda funny seeing the look on people's faces when they would ask where they could get the cable and I tell them they would have to go to another state to get the cable.
  4. moedawg140 Contributor

    I covered up the lights so they wouldn't shine so bright - if they weren't covered at all, the whole room would have been lit! Haha

    For scrumptious vegetarian, if I can, I'll take you to Veggie Grill if you're in Southern California again, Currawong! :beerchug:
    Currawong likes this.
  5. Socratease
    glitch39, Couldn't say from my own knowledge, but I was told at the time they were Brainwavz.
  6. Sorrodje
    Audeze Vegans most likely. 
  7. greenkiwi
    I have them on mine and really like the improved comfort
  8. DecentLevi
    OK everybody, I've managed to set up what will likely be my final meet, at a free venue in San Jose / South Bay area! Nov. 26th - post on thread below here if coming:
  9. Logistics
    Why do I get the impression that this was the last SF Head-Fi meet?  I don't see anything pertaining to an upcoming SF meet.
    Although, truth-be-told I'm tired of having to go to the city to attend this event.  Seriously, by the time I get done paying for my Head-Fi meet ticket, gas to drive to and from the city, parking, lunch, I'm in the area of $80-$100 deep just to attend this meet.  Couldn't we please, have this meet in the south bay?  I could put the cost offset towards a new piece of equipment. :D
  10. Xacxac

    BART and Caltrain are the answers, my friend.
  11. KG Jag
    Or maybe in the East Bay close to a BART station and with free (or nearly free) parking.  Getting there easily from the Oakland airport is a major +.
  12. DecentLevi
    Sorry guys, but it was the last meet I was planning to set up two meets back, and yes it was in the south bay (San Jose). Then three months ago I did the San Jose meet all over again and it was truly the last one I'm putting together, since I'm planning to move out of the area. Fortunately though there's CanJam in L.A. next month, a proposed Sacramento meet, and the members of the most recent meet may plan another one in the future, in the east bay perhaps. All of the above can be found on the link below, and you can get new event notifications by clicking the subscribe button on the link below, the same as you would with a normal thread:
    PS-  anybody can set up their own local Head-Fi meet, and post it on the post it on the upcoming meets page. Local meets are usually admission free, while this thread was for an official meet
  13. Logistics
    @Xacxac - Not if you want to haul equipment.

    @KG Jag - Good point, the Fremont station is near some good stuff.

    @DecentLevi - I was only considering the official event, with vendors. I could host my own event in San Jose if I was aiming for a listening gig.
  14. mocenigo
    Well, maybe that's why I like them also for classical music. I am a trained composer, and a few times stood on the conductor's place, or in the very first row behind him/her because I got free tickets  :wink:
  15. foreverzer0
    I went to the sf symphony the other night and sat near middle first row, just to the right of the conductor. After closing my eyes I tried to imagine the end game summit-fi headphones (or speaker) systems I've heard from the meets compared to the massive, distortion free soundstage differences I heard in front of me. Sadly, it's still not even close :frowning2:
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