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Official 2014 SF Head-Fi Meet, July 19, 2014, DoubleTree San Francisco Airport

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  1. third_eye Moderator
    There will be close to 60 tables of gear at this meet so it's definitely worth trying to come early to get as much listening time in as possible. The time at these meets FLIES by very fast. And yes, there is an incentive to stay until the afternoon as we will be having a raffle about 30 minutes before closing. Some early confirmed prizes for this event are Sennheiser Momentums and a $1000 (!) Gift Certificate for WyWires cables.....this list will grow as we get closer to July 19. 
  2. bloomphoto
    Planning on coming. This is my first meet so I am not bringing any gear. Want to check out the scene and listen to the different rigs to get ideas from fellow head-fiers.
  3. third_eye Moderator
    Cool, welcome!
  4. Blisse
    Do we *have* to bring gear? I kinda got that impression from the first post.. I don't really have anything special and this seems like a convention o_O

    Actually super excited to actually go to one of these, finally :3
  5. aamefford
    No gear required.  Not a bad idea to bring a CD/memory stick/laptop/phone with music.  CD and a memory stick might be the best.  Also not a bad idea to bring your own headphones if you plan to check out amps and dacs.  Or not.  I think the most fun I've had has been showing up with a pair of headphones and my iPhone.  It would have been better if I'd brought along a CD as well.
  6. aamefford
    My gear has changed already - dang I'm fickle!
    NO Schiit Bifrost Uber (Couldn't justify it with the HA-1)
    Probably NO Asgard 2 (can't justify it with the HA-2 either)
    MAYBE a Lyr (oddly, I think I can justify a Lyr, and it will sit so nice on top of the HA-1)
    Rest of the stuff stays the same.  For now.  It's like 5 weeks or something.  That's a lifetime.  I could be into collecting corkscrews by then…. 
  7. Blisse

    Sweet. Cheers then, hope to see some of you guys around ^^ I dont have a lot of my stuff here, just in SF for a few months, so I might just visit, it'd be weird bringing T1s and lugging them around o: but i do have a case...

    So excited.
  8. bcschmerker4
    How soon will the fee schedule be available?  I've been tracking impressions of the Oppo® PM-1 in two other Threads here at Head-Fi™, and I plan on bringing a Plantronics® GAMECOM® 380 with me as the baseline for A/B'ing the PM-1 (and the PM-2 as well, given a soon-enough RTM or availability of early-production PM-2's for audition), all from any one or more of the systems that will be displayed at the Doubletree Airport meet.  I reckon that either Oppo® headphone, a planar-magnetic with two parallel phased arrays of neodymium magnets in each earpiece, should be able to run circles around the conventionally-built 380 with its ordinary 40mm earpieces.
  9. topgunsphd
    I plan on attending.
  10. third_eye Moderator
    Which fee schedule do you mean?
    Sweet, got you down!
  11. vipervick
  12. bloomphoto
    Did anyone notify Pono to see if they would be willing to come by with a few prototype Pono players to demo? They are in SF. I would think they want good reviews and to spread their word on Head Fi.
  13. third_eye Moderator
    I met Jon Hamm (Pono CEO) a couple weeks ago at a PONO event in Santa Monica and he is aware and very interested in our event. Many exhibitors will be jumping on board in the coming weeks and I hope Pono is one of them!
  14. bloomphoto
    I hope they come out. Would love to hear how planar magnetics (like the Mad Dogs) sound with the Pono Player.
  15. vipervick
    Totally interested in a Pono. My Alpha Dogs will be there regardless...
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