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Off Topic

  1. PL4Y3R 0N3
    So, I've noticed that sometimes head-fi threads get off topic, so in the model of my favorite podcast of the same name, I'm starting this thread. This is a thread where the topic can change, meander, and flow anywhere, hence the name off topic.
    So have at it, no rules (exept those of the forum), just discussion.

    So to start off, has anyone heard the podcast off topic?
  2. PL4Y3R 0N3
    So, I was on another thread when the topic of Game Ears ear muffs came up.


    So these things not only muffle gunshots, but also make the sounds around you louder, like footsteps and birds chirping. When there is a gunshot however, they shut off on .02 seconds to muffle the gunshot. And they have an audio input!

    When I saw that they made footsteps louder and gunshots quieter I instantly thought of every gamer in the new members thread.

    Would it be cruel if I suggested these to them? XD
  3. wink
    YES......    [​IMG]
  4. PL4Y3R 0N3
    Well they are headphones... More or less.
    Some of them can get expensive too. Wonder how they sound?
  5. wink
    I would not go past the wondering stage and wonder about something more beneficial......   [​IMG]
  6. PL4Y3R 0N3
    Hey, this is a headphone forum. They can't be the worst headphones in the world.
    Besides, they can't be the worst listening experience in the world. I went to see the new Bourne movi recently and I don't know what was more disappointing, the fact that we sat in the very front row, the fact that they only used the front speakers that were behind the screen despite having an awesome surround setup, or the fact that Matt Damon only had like 20 lines in the whole movie. XD
  7. wink
    ...and, this is unusual..?    [​IMG]
  8. PL4Y3R 0N3
    It wouldn't be if I was exaggerating, but the amount of times he literally stared at a person and didn't say anything when he should have said something was rediculous.
  9. wink
    Silence is golden.......   [​IMG]

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