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off-topic - Which desktop SPEAKERS (yes speakers) for my new computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dusk, Jun 14, 2007.
  1. deathBOB
    Another Swans M200 supporter here. I'm sure you can find something better for more $$$ but these things sound great for the money. I barely use my headphones anymore [​IMG].

    I hope you like them.

    The Swans site doesn't even have info on the MKIIs hmmm.
  2. Sh0eBoX
    good choice on the M200s, you'll love them!

    and i can't answer the question about the mkIIs either, never heard of them
  3. onvn
    Ferguson Hill's FH007 must be a top pick!
  4. dusk
  5. mojo
    I am in the market for some new computer speakers too. I wanted to get a T-amp and the Insignia NS-B2111, but the Insignias are not available outside the US.

    Can anyone recommend some good bookshelfs that are available in the UK, preferably well under £100? They would probably end up on a desk like most multimedia speakers do.
  6. Gatticus
  7. mojo
    Well, if we are talking about sub £500 set-ups, Rel make some good subs in that range. The Ruark ones are not bad either.

    I wish Onkyo speakers were available in the UK. I have one found one model for sale, the DN9BX:


    Can't find much info on them though, not even Japanese review sites. They must use different model numbers for Japan.
  8. Soundproof

    Originally Posted by dusk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Price doesn't matter, sound quality does. [​IMG]

    What are your thoughts?

    If you're in a city with a Bang & Olufsen store in it, I strongly recommend that you take your computer to it and try out their BeoLab 3 speakers.
    When the BeoLab 9 was recently launched in Europe, B&O invited a large number of audiophile mag editors/writers to their headquarters, and made the mistake of letting them listen to the BL3s as well as the BL9s.

    The BL3s blew people away. Several write-ups followed - with people commenting that they had to be the best near-field monitors around. The speakers are each 2x125w, with a special acoustic lens tweeter. Wonderful sound. (They have built-in amplifiers. All you need is to connect them to your computer directly, or via a DAC - which is what I have done).

    One warning - at top volume they tend to muddle up. I'm extremely pleased with my own.

  9. TheVinylRipper
  10. mojo
    Wow... Okay, I think I posted in the wrong thread. £2,200 is a bit much for some computer speakers, especially since I do all my serious listening on 'phones. I'll try somewhere else...
  11. Gatticus
    What's wrong with the setup I posted? It's what I use and they only cost me $850.00 CAD before tax. Regular price would be $950.00 but I talked them down $100.00. The satellites are extremely detailed and their diminutive size is belying of their sound quality. I've heard speakers that cost a lot more and don't sound any better.
  12. MrKazador
  13. ssportclay
    When shopping for active,(powered) monitors for your computer,look for woofers at least 5" and probably not over 6.5".Event Electronics,Mackie, Samson and others make good ones.Always try to listen before you buy.Buying monitors is no different than buying bookshelf speakers except they are even more critical because you are also buying an amplifier in the same package.
  14. hardnrg
    mojo, if you want some desktop speakers that are better than the usual plastic logitech / altec-lansing stuff, check out the JS J321 speakers at maplin: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?...99619&doy=23m7

    they're only 20 quid (on sale now) and are better than any other computer speakers I've heard... I think this is down to the fact that they are basically powered monitors (magnetically shielded), rather than the cheap and tacky "multimedia" plastic monstrosities...

    these are two-way amplified wooden speakers with rubberised main driver, and a nicely matched tweeter, volume and bass control on the back, one speaker has mains cord and 3.5mm lead and a phono socket, the other speaker has a phono lead

    if you have a maplin near you, take a DAP down and ask to demo them, they only take a minute to set up literally, and it's worth the effort [​IMG]

    (yes, i work at maplin, that's why I'm recommending them because I tested them today and I like the sound *much* more than anything I've heard from logitech or altec lansing... I'm going to get a set for myself either as rears for my main computer and/or for use in the lounge - student accomodation)
  15. Bozz_Keren
    if you're in UK why not try accoustic electric Aego M, price around 200 pounds

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