[OFF-Market] Stax SR-5NB SR-5 Gold -- Cotton Cable
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 14, 2007
Hello, I'm selling these great sounding Stax headphones. They are in perfect working order (no charging, imbalance, static, etc.) and look fantastic. The pads have some tiny scratches on them, and there are some insignificant scratches here and there (check out the high-res pictures).

These are some of HeadphoneAddict's favorite Stax headphones, as exemplified by his constant compliments about their sound and value. Although I think the SR-5NB is a great value, I like my Lambda Pros better (but the Lambda Pros look horrible
). My only gripe with my Lambdas is that they have some harsh mids that cause sibilance (ssSsssS) with certain vocals. The SR-5NB does not have this problem. They have very smooth and fluid mids and good highs, but the bass and soundstaging does not compare to the Lambda Pros. With most headphones, you win some; you lose some.

Price: $OFF + shipping + 4% PayPal (or $OFF shipped in the CONUS). I will do international shipping at your cost.

Pictures: Index of /stax/sr5nb

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