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ODAC problem

  1. cap10 crunch
    Hey guys.  I just got the ODAC for christmas and I can't seem to figure it out.  Right now I have it macbook pro --> odac --> heed canamp --> k701s.  I'm using clementine as a media player and I've set it up to use the odac as the output device in system prefs and used audio MIDI setup to set it up to output and input in 24/94 format.  Even after all this with everything plugged in it still plays music through the laptop speakers.  Any help guys?
  2. mchang
    Very weird. It's been pretty much plug-and-play on my Macbook Pro. I didn't even mess with the Audio MIDI setup. Here are my settings if it helps.
    Edit: I will admit that I've never heard of Clementine. I'm listening through iTunes.

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