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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. cqtek
    After some time getting tangled up with it, today I have published my humble opinion about my dear ACMEE MF-01. We all know it has its limitations, but this little guy is adorable. The brand, for its part, promises future firmware upgrades to improve it.


    ACMEE MF-01 17_resize.jpg

    P.S. My beautiful city is on fire...:cry:
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  2. mbwilson111
    Stay safe.
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  3. cqtek
    Of course!

    Luckily I don't live downtown, but I do live in the metropolitan area. But it's sad to see what's going on. Violence shouldn't be the answer, my people are peaceful.

    Thank you for your words.
  4. oneula

    so how does it rate to your QNGEE X2, Tempotec V1A and ZIKU HD-X10?

    You should have the catalanian's follow our "Kapu Aloha" initiative regarding Maunakea.
    Peaceful resistance through education and standing your ground with the "kupuna" (elders) leading the way.
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  5. cqtek
    QNGEE X2, one of the best sounds with a forgotten firmware. I don't understand why it wasn't tried to improve this product, it would have been the best DAP at its price. The MF-01 costs almost double and its firmware is better, its handling more stable and faster. The sound is bigger and more particular in MF-01, something different.
    Tempotec V1A: I was surprised by its small size. It has almost ideal handling, although it has some details to improve, such as faster navigation through folders and song lists. Sometimes it has some erroneous operation, but I understand that it can be improved. The sound is good, brilliant, with an extra low output impedance. Although its output is totally flat, it emphasizes the high part. A very clean sound, not so big, but it's a very ideal DAP for its size, handling and battery life. It has the same power or a little more than the QNGEE X2.
    ZIKU HD-X10: a brick without bass and with many clicks and pops.

    Both in Catalonia and in Spain, the political class leaves much to be desired, they are not up to what is expected of them. Now, when it comes to stealing, they are unbeatable.
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  6. oneula

    I have the Acmee MF-01 on the way as well as the new Walnut F2 DAP

    I also like the Walnuts and Zishans because;
    1. they are super affordable
    2. you can play around with their SOIC8 Op Amps to tailor the sound

    I hear that you can Op Amp roll the Ziku HD-X10 as well

    Bets wishes and said earlier stay safe
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  7. cqtek
    Thank you for your words.

    Do you like the sound of the MF-01?

    On the other hand, I changed the OpAmp of the HD-X10 too, but the bass doesn't come back, although I knew it: OpAmps don't change the frequency response.
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  8. oneula
    still waiting on the MF-01

    The ZIKU HD-X09 really didn't impress me could be the UI
    But then I received a Cayin N3 from MusicTek around the same time along with the Tempotec V1A
    so maybe I was distracted

    I op amp rolled my Z3 with a LME49860NA and although it just maybe a psycho acoustics placebo response since I don't have measuring gear but it seemed to improve the sound over the stock op amp.

    but nothing I've bought has surpassed the sound I get from a Revamp Acoustics Nuansa P1 I picked up from HiFlight that he upgraded with a OPA1662.
    I believe the original op amp was a Muse01.
    I bought my own from Revamp before he shut down but my micro USB charger port snapped off so I need to get it fixed.
    but playing wav files on the Nuansa P1 sounds way more intimate than all the players I have had including Fiio X3, Shanling M0, HIdiz AP60/Proo, ZIshans and a host of others.
    The closest is the Cayin N3 and maybe the Activo CT-10 streaming Qobuz HiRes or R3 streaming Tidal MQA masters
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  9. ironbrewer
    So the Sandisk clips used to get a lot of love. Are the new ones inferior, or are the new obscure chifi DAPs just leaving them in the dust like the Acmee MF-01, Ziku HD-X09 etc. I want to get a cheap DAP (around $50 US) and all I need is a 3.5mm jack, the ability to just randomize my music, one card slot, and the best neutral sound possible, with possibly the ability to use an eaqualizer. I will be using IEM's like the TRN v90 etc.

    Is there a giant leap in sound quality when you jump up to $100?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  10. baskingshark
    Well the Ziku HD X09 is the only recent DAP I have in the past 1 year and it retails about $39 USD, with 11/11 coming up, will probably be cheaper. There are DAPs with better DAC chips out there but I got it cause of the battery life of 20 hours and it is built like a tank.

    It has 3.5 mm jack, ability to shuffle music, one microSD card slot and is almost neutral (it has a slight subbass roll off and a very slight brightness on treble). It has some preset EQ settings inside. UI is no frills and easy to navigate. I know some people complain about the volume control knob that is used to select songs but u can use the left/right buttons too for this purpose.

    There is a very slight hiss with IEMs that are highly sensitive, but this usually disappears when music plays. I haven't bought any DAP since, so maybe the others can advise.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  11. skc2047
    t1.JPG Just received my Zishan T1 4490 version. This is my first Zishan, and in order to see whether I like the UI, I have bought the cheapest version.

    After playing with it for several hours, I can live with its navigation. As I also owned an ACMEE MF-01 which also used the AK4490 DAC, I decided to do a AB testing between the two. I listened to the Bach's Violin Concerto BWV1042 Adagio using the Senfer DT6 IEM. I am not able to give you a comparison in terms of treble, mid etc. but to draw an analogy, MF-01 is a picture of 800 pixels while the T1 4490 a thousand pixels. On the T1 I seemed to be able to follow the notes of individual instrument when they were played together.

    The T1 has its glitch, sometimes when a song is playing, it would suddenly jump to the next song. With the screen, the 2.5 mm balanced output, and a price tag of $58 on the Aliexpress, I think it is one of the best budget DAP.
  12. feline
    Can I use QNGEE X2 as usb dac?
  13. skc2047
    I have finally borrowed a VE Zen of 300 ohm impedance to do the testing. To get sufficient volume, I have to turn the volume to 55 at least. However, I am afraid the Zen is not a good example as it would require greater power to make it give out the full glory. Under the MF01 the treble becomes clipped and the sound quality is not good. Perhaps other members who possess the said DAP can give a better answer.
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    That sounds like bad news for people that like hip hop. :frowning2: Which opamp?

    I wonder If the X9 is better? We will probably never know.
  15. Themilkman46290
    Thanks for the review, it's too bad it doesn't push high impedance as well, for a moment I was ready to buy, but a lot of my stuff is high impedance......... Guess I will wait, see what comes out in the next year
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