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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. seanwee
  2. trellus
    Original FiiO X5 is rated at 255 mW for 32 Ohm load, single-ended.
    XDuoo X20 puts out 210 mW at 32 Ohm single-ended, 300 mW balanced.
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  3. mbwilson111
    Yes, that is for balanced mode.
  4. hqssui
  5. CoiL

    Followed by that, I noticed this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ATC-HiFi-H...QB325HH7CAX&psc=1&refRID=ZJ5T01GM9QB325HH7CAX


    2xmSD cards, gain, internal memory and only 50£ ...looks nice and scrollwheel+physical buttons are very nice.

    Ingenic JZ4760B audio processor -> AK4490EQ -> OPA1612 -> MUSES8920 ->LMH6643 -> HP

    Anyone has it?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  6. trellus
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  7. hqssui
    Saw this one listed in Penon Audio - TECSUN PD-50

    ● Fitted with a high-performance SABRE9018Q2C DAC decoder chip. Audio formats supported: DFF/WAV/FLAC/ APE/MP3 (max. 24bit/192kHz)

    ● Built-in 16GB flash memory, 3 x external micro-SD card (max. 32GB per card)

    ● Integrated USB DAC

    ● 3.5mm coaxial / line output jack for connection to HiFi amplifier system

    ● Bluetooth transmission for high-quality wireless music listening

    ● Battery: 3.8V/2300mAh LiPo battery

    ● Size: 60 x 124 x 15 mm

    ● Weight: 158g

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  8. Mr Trev
    3 card slots would be awesome, but 32GB per card??
    Not to mention the price. $310USD for a less than well known (at least in my corner of the world) brand
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  9. bobbypete
    i got a zishan z3. it has the most complex eq of all the DSPs ive ever used....

    until i put rockbox on my sony mp3. now my rockbox is the greatest by far. greatest value.
  10. trellus
    Rockbox on the ZX300 specifically?
  11. CoiL
    Seems very similar yes. But now also price has changed, before it was 50£ now 80£.
  12. hqssui
    It looks like they specialize in portable radios. Some of their radios are highly rated in Amazon. But as you mentioned the DAP is high-priced. There are plenty of other options in this price range.
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  13. eclein
    After now using Hidiz AP60 PRO awhile I must say it sounds pretty good and has great battery life. I got it so cheap at $89 so keeping it just for Streaming Spotify to it makes it worthwhile. Its pretty close in size to Ear Studio piece do its a breeze to carry and bonus is DAP capability.
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  14. Mr Trev
    The 3 card slots should be a huge selling point, but if their combined capacity is less than a single 128gb card…
    Like you mention this is a pretty competitive price bracket too
  15. GuywhoLikesHIFI
    On the M1, popping wasn't the main issue, it would pop when I pressed play after the device had been turned on and off again. The worst thing was the noise floor. I made a video comparing the Benjie K3 and Moonlight M1, it's even more noticeable and obvious in real life. It ruined the sound really badly, I had to return it.
    The audio recording I got was quite accurate, even though the hiss was worse in real life. I'm sure you'll be able to pick it.
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