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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. gr8soundz
    The P1 is a bit obscure but hand-made in Indonesia (not China).

    Price isn't so cheap compared to Zishan but the P1's functionality and sound quality are actually closer to the Tera Player.
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  2. oneula
    I don't have the F Audio but the QNGEE X2 is closer in sound to the Shanling M0 the Z3 seems to be having allot of issues lately locking up with my HD Tracks HiDef music
    The problem with the QNGEE and Shanling M0 is they are fingerprint magnets and look really bad after using them for a bit. You need to carry a microfiber cloth or use cotton gloves.

    I think the QNGEE is a solid device with great sound for the price but only the Z3 had line out so I didn't have to do anything special to hook it up to an amp. I'll try them wirelessly today to see how they compare
  3. tripside
    @oneula Have you had the chance to test the bluetooth performance on X2 and M0? I'd like a get a DAP that I can also go a run with. Do you think X2 is small enough to carry in a pocket, especially compared to M0?

    Also, is the screen M0 of the same resolution as X2? Lastly, as far as the software is concerned, is there any noticeable lag on either one of X2 or M0.
  4. oneula
    I know my comments are really too general and subjective but I usually test all my audio equipment using the following tracks while listening for certain things

    From Chesky's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings Disk
    - Girl from Ipanema- Classical Guitar wood/string tone (I used to play a bit) and high hat brilliance
    - Round Midnight w/Kenny Rankin (primarily timbre of the upright string base and how breathy are Kenny's vocals)
    - What a LIttle More Rain - (Interesting percussion stuff going on in the very beginning timbre of guitar on left and midway the bass and vocal on the chorus can cause some overloading on lesser gear)
    - Isn't It a Pity - Jazz Instrumentation especially the high hat/cymbal brushing and piano in the background

    From HD Tracks 2013 Sampler
    - Another Country with Cassandra Wilson (acoustic guitar and triangle/percussion in the background)

    From Steve Kindler/Tej Bell's album Dolphin Smiles
    - Kaimana (the track coming out of our grundig majestic tube console with the violin and guitar vibrato/echo blows out and rattle most cheap speakers causing speaker overload and breaking cones)

    From the Best of Stan Getz
    -Agua De Marco with Joao Gilberto (bossa nova guitar strings with brazillian percussion and of course stan's sax as the instruments can get bunched up)

    From Renee Olstead
    -Some Who'll Watch Me (distinct Harp/Strings/Piano/Guitar separation and clear tone behind her voice and the sound of Chris Botti's horn)

    From Marvin Gaye's What's Going On
    -Title Track (making out the conversation at the beginning of and during the track and all the little vocal background nuances he put in behind the main vocals)
    this song never grows old for me.

    From Quincy Jones Back on the Block
    - Prelude to the Garden (distinctness and precision of the highhat/guitar/bass among all the great voices including Barry's)

    From Perez Perado converted LP to Flac (the music I grew up on in the 50's-60's)
    - Sharpness of Horns with Perez's yelps and congazon

    From Pink Floyd
    - Money (beginning of the track does it really sound like a cash register and coins)
    Once I heard this in the 70's-80's on some wall sized magnaplaner speakers power by macintosh mono amps I knew I would always use that track to test speakers and components

    From Eric Johnson's Ah Via Musicom
    - 40 Mile Town (the water sound and Eric's special tube tone)

    I'm not well versed in all the audiophile terminologies, but I know what I'm looking for based on how these tracks/albums sound on my old home stereo systems that I listened with, which are 30-50 year old stuff like the tube grundig majestic and NAD/Adcom integrated amps with my old sennheiser HD414 and sony V6 headphones.

    To this I can get something close to that experience that fits on my shirt pocket on the go has been really mind blowing for me.
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  5. oneula
    The X2 is smaller than a pack of cigarettes almost the size of those pack of strident gum packs at the check out counter
    The M0 is just a little bigger than a standad SD card and 1/2" thick about the size of the original Motorola Smart Watch
  6. oneula
    For some reason the QNGEE doesn't show the same album art on the as what shows onmy M0 of the same card
    both screens are fine but its a 1.5 inch screen on the M0. That's a really small picture to see at 3-4 feet away

    There's a little lag on both changing tracks but the M0 scrolls fast kind of like the dial wheel on the old iPod Classics
    you have to press a button on the X2 to move on the screen (same as the Z3 and Benjie t6) where as you use your finger/thumb on the M0
  7. tripside
    About the screen, is the brightness and resolution decent enough on QNGEE ? Would also love to know about the bluetooth performance on both if you've had the chance to test it.
  8. noknok23
    Sorry, maybe I didn't express myself clear enough,
    Tera player only read wav, has shuffle, not sure if folder skip. Not much else afaik? They both have a multibit chip.
    P1 read flac, mp3, aac, has line out and work as a portable DAC as well, it can do shuffle and folder skip. oh and rollable op-amp and exact same size as the zishan :) only thing is that it cannot read DSD.
    so yeah, true that on the sound side, it's closer to the Tera but in terms of form factor and functionality, definitely more like the zishan.
  9. oneula
    I was able to get my Benjie T6 and Shanling M0 to connect to a Bluewave Get sound is great
    Was not successful to get the X2 connected and the Z3 doesn't look like it has BT
    I have some aptx Pendulumics at home I'll try

    For jogging I don't know about the M0. last weekend I stuck it in my shorts and went to fill gas but as I was getting out of the car and walking about the M0 kept changing songs. Probably needs a lock function which I think it might have that I haven't found yet.

    I'll try the same of the X2 this weekend

    The metal X2 is allot heavier than the all plastic M0. The X2 also has some sharp corners
    a belt clip case like the sansa clip would be great for both

    The M0 Bluetooth supports
    LDAC NOrmal
    LDAC Connect

    I don't see such options in the X2, Benjie T6 or S=ZiShan Z3

    I just noticed in the Albums list in the Folder menu I have a vertical dark band of missing pixels
  10. tripside
    I look forward to your feedback on bluetooth performance on X2.

    T6 seems to be a good middle of the road choice. It undercuts M0, X2 and sounds decent for the price. Bluetooth support is a plus as well, although the smaller, low res screen is a minor setback.

    M0 does support a lot of codecs over bluetooth. I was of the opinion that M0 had all metal build. I like its diminutive size, modern UI and sounds good too.

    I am tilted towards X2 but if it has bluetooth playback is an issue, I might end up buying M0.
  11. ShabtabQ
    How does the QNGEE X2 compares to the Fiio Q1 mkii? I know both are different device but in terms of sound quality which would be better, I'm just keeping the fiio as reference because that is the only recognizable source.
  12. musicday
    Ha ha, that's a good one. Have you actually heard/owned a Tera Player or you are just guessing?
  13. oneula
    from 2016

  14. oneula
    I was able to link the X2 to the pendulumic Stance S1s and the Bluetooth sound over AptX is great
    everything is clear with deep bass and no hissing or loss of signal walking away like 15-20 feet
    sounds just as good as some of the IEMs I've used hard wired
    still not able to link the X2 to the Bluewave Get
    wanted to try my Sennheiser HD 6XX using the Get

    Sorry about the lousy photo
  15. tripside
    That's a handsome looking DAP! Just placed the order. Can't wait for it to arrive at my doorstep!
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