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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. voxdub
    I imagine the K3 is very similar, not sure if it uses the same DAC as the S5, I would avoid the original mrobo c5, it cuts out low frequencies according to reviews.
  2. raidensub
    Anything else for 35 euros from Aliexpress?
  3. nesty
    @cqtek , very good analysis man.... btw, how does it correlate to your ears when listening to QNGEE X2 and ZISHAN Z3? Is it really noticeable I mean audible to the ears does it confirm the QNGEE is the best sounding compared to the others in the graph? thanks
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  4. cqtek
    Thank you for your words @nesty.

    I will make the comparison using this song, because I think it has a voice, bass, a lot of definition and detail, as well as clarity and a great scene:

    Before I must say that the Z3 due to its large output impedance modifies the frequency response of the headphones we connect.
    To understand its effect I recommend, again, reading the following article:


    By this I mean that the Z3 is very dependent on the headphones we use, it may sound good or bad. An example of IEM whose sound for me is very bad with Zishan is the KZ ZS5 due to its low and irregular impedance.
    However, with the KZ ZS6 it sounds quite good, it even benefits from the cut in treble that Zishan produces.

    In this case I used the KZ ZS10 whose treble is not as sharp as the previous ZS.

    The first thing I feel is the density of the music in Z3, while with X2 the music stretches across width and height, generating a larger and more circular scene, not as focused as in Z3.
    The density of Z3 impacts in power, the voice is more intimate, while in X2 the voice is more zenith and more diluted, it melts more through the whole scene. The separation in X2 is very large, there is almost silence between the details.
    In Z3 the details lack the definition, especially in mids, treble feel somewhat filthy. The bass in Z3 have a lot of presence but less depth, they are more boomy.
    While in X2 the accuracy in the bass and sub bass zone is high, this zone is very contained and controlled, with a lot of depth. The bass starts and ends in X2, in Z3 it gives a feeling of overlap, they get longer.

    I can not say that Z3 gives a bad sound if it is paired with the right headphones, I will never say it, and maybe the punch is its best part. But X2 has a great scene, separation, control, detail ...
    and that shows without much effort.
  5. nesty
    @cqtek, I am just curious you measured at the headphone out which is the amp stage. But how about measuring at the line out of each daps. Line outputs are connected directly to op amp buffers. I wonder how the results would be. :)
  6. cqtek
    I can measure Line out of Z3, others don't have (F.Audio S1, QNGEE X2).
  7. nesty
    Hello @cqtek , that would be great. I'm excited to see your findings in the line out of Z3...
  8. raidensub
    Can someone help with the final decision? I can't decide between this players:
    benjie s5, ruizu x50, ruizu x18, ruizu x02, benjie k3 and ruizu x20.
  9. cqtek
    Here is the frequency response of Line Out of Zishan Z3:

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  10. nesty
    @cqtek , thanks for the graph I appreciate your help, no roll-off the low frequency but rolls off at high frequency which starts at 10kHz, it seems the biasing components around the lpf op amp alters the high frequency it actually starts the break off point at around 8khz. I think Z1 has better frequency response as it has no external biased lpf, the buffer opamp is built-in within the es9023 sabre dac theoretically since I dont have measuring eqpts like yours. Although I did auditioned them both and to my hearing Z3 is dull in terms of bass and treble due to those roll-off at the amp stage. QNGee X2 looks interesting based on your personal review with its FR drawn.
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
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  11. emef
    I'm not sure if this one was mentioned here. Depending on the shop it seems either available now or only in July.
    Definitely not a cheap DAC but looks interesting.

  12. hqssui
    Thanks for sharing. I have seen it listed on another Chinese online store as well, but not in QLS’s own website.
  13. AlexC87
    Hello guys,

    I'm new in the audio-things, but I love to listen for music. I need your advise on the following topic and hope to get an answer to my questions. So, the thing is that I want to buy a cheap DAP (for ~50-60$). I'm listening a lot of electronic music, especially Nu Disco and Deep House and I want to switch from smartphone to something better. I have AKG Y55 headphones (I got those at a very good price) and I'm kind of basshead)))

    So, here are my questions:
    a) Do I mandatory need a DAP with dedicated DAC for better listening experience or something with Rockchip NanoD/ATJ2127 will be enough for electronic music?
    b) What DAP would you recommend in the mentioned price point? I have seen the following models till now: Dodocool DA106; Ruizu A50HD; BassPlay P3000; F.Audio S1 or should I invest a little more and get something la Xuelin iHiFi780 / Fiio X1-II ? Other good proposal ar accepted too.

    Thank you all in advance
  14. mbwilson111
    Not sure how much more you can invest but the Cayin N3 is an excellent reliable DAP. I use it more than any of my others.
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  15. oneula
    what earphones are you using with the Cayin N3 or what sounds best?

    Just got the Bengie K1 from penon this week and have been enjoying that
    the form factor is great
    also have the QNGEE X2 and ZISHAN Z3 on order from AliEx
    looking for to hooking the line out from those two to the VE RA
    amusing myself till I get either the crowdfunded AP60Pro or the Hiby R3 which may take a year or more.

    Currently only my Fiio X3 gen1/2 have line out and I can also hook my gen5 iPod classic to an amp but my PlenueD and LG V30 don't have line out. I think with UAPP I can connect the V30 to an amp but I like just using is plain with the VE/Faaeal/Willsound earbuds.
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