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  1. crabdog
    Sorry if you've covered this one already but I don't have time to read all the posts right now - Have you considered the upgraded Benjie S5 with Bluetooth for $25?
    AliExpress link
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  2. govie
    For one I favor wired earhooks & second, it could wel be a typo in the add from the seller. this because on Benjie-tx they do not mention an enclosure like the one in the add with bluetooth anywhere (the dap is named BJ-M20 and not s5 on the Benjie-site). If it does exist with bluetooth then I suggest you ask around if it works properly without any downsides (because some dap's seem to have downsides when bluetooth is enabled like that you can not skip songs iirc).
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  3. bsoplinger
    The T6/Rocker has gapless playback so it doesn't click between tracks. Anything described as having gapless playback basically can't be making noises (or for that matter have silence) between tracks because then it wouldn't be gapless.

    Since you're talking about using it while exercising just as a suggestion… how about going dirt cheap for a Sansa Clip type clone that only has 8Gb of internal memory, doesn't do anything but mp3 and doesn't take SD cards. They're in the under $15 category.
  4. govie
    Disagree about the t6^cracknoises until proven otherwise. For me this concluded I did not want to take the risk of hearing those noises alot during my trailruns because I skip alot of songs during a run (if I did get those cracks the impact is quite severe because I skip alot more songs then most users):

    I looked at sansaclip (because rockbox) but they are alot more expensive then the Benjie DAP I have bought now (almost 3 times more expensive). In general sansaclip devices that can run dropbox are expensive in Europe. Besides that the buttons are small and grouped, just like with the Ruizu X50 which I do not favor. Europeans still like dropbox, maybe Ruizu should buy dropbox because they already have sansaclip ripoffs so why not. I bet sales will increase by 300% if those basic dap's get deliverd with stock dropbox.
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  5. bsoplinger
    I have one (a Benjie T6). Updated it the day I got it to the AGPtEK firmware so I can't say what it does with the original firmware. I'll point out that the video has the player attached to a stereo of some sort versus having it driving earphones or headphones. And that its easy to have issues in that type of setup. But you're talking running so it isn't going to be plugged into some amp that's plugged into a wall outlet. So there won't be ground issues which is what that video displays.

    I do hear a faint thump on power on. But I wouldn't expect inexpensive, let alone cheap, players to have a delay in the output to eliminate that sound. Over the pair of Senfer UES I grabbed as the closest IEM with the sound to max I could hear a small startup thump. This is with the volume set to uncomfortably loud levels. I couldn't get a track to track sound even with gapless turned off and I tried both linear and shuffle playback. Jumping from track to track produces a tiny more click like than thump like sound at a level way below listening level.
  6. govie
    Again, I did not want to take a risk of cracks and next to that, I do not favor bluetooth-usage on a dap and it was also more expensive than the benjie s5 (> price*2 or more even). Imo bluetooth does not make alot of theoretical sense (although it is practical), because it degrades the audioquality to almost smartphonelevel if reviews and posts I based this opinion on are correct. The reviews of the Benjie T6 are positive and it recieves one of the highest audioquality-ratings under €45,-- afaik (it is on sale today -40% or sumtin that is why I say under €45,--), but the T6 is not the dap that fits me because it is alot more expensive then the s5 (partly because of a more luxurious display and bluetooth, which I both do not desire at the moment).
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  7. Nymphonomaniac
    More impressions about FAUDIO FA1:
    The Good, the bad and the ugly.

    The GOODS:
    -Construction is incredibly sturdy and it look nice and feel good in hands
    -Details and layers in sound are incredible and any earphones, earbuds or headphone became strangely HD with this DAP
    -Sound is never harsh and give a very unique hearing experience with plenty of easy going microdetails
    -Imaging is very good and have an organic feel, not a dynamic feel, wich mean it flow to you instead of poping out of the black background
    -Even IEM or earbuds that was prompt for distortion never distort with this DAP, wich its due to some strange magical power that I don't understand yet
    -Bass is very well presented but do not feel boomy cause it do not move lot of air, highs can move more airs strangely
    -Remote control work well from far away, and is very usefull for soundsystem (wasn't thinking this feature will be of much use but I was wrong!)
    -BAttery life is above average for such a powerfull DAP and can go up to 10H and more i'm pretty sure (listen to high volume with 96khz flac so with normal flac it surely take less battery)
    -32G of internal memory is very very NICE and RARE and work perfectly with the FA1, for some, it will be enough by it own.
    -Firmware are regularly update so its reasurring to know Faudio take its DAP seriously enough to work on it.
    -Amping is quite good, 64ohm headphone can be drive at full potential wich even the Ibasso DX90 couldn't for real.
    -Supreme black background, no hissing even with sensitive IEM.

    The BADS:
    -Line out do not feel as a real clean one because it do not have the same effect as with other DAP I use, wich mean, soundsignature still the same as if it isn't connected directly to the DAC chip.
    -UI isn't disastrous but neither super user friendly.
    -Volume control is on front wheel panel and I don't particularly like this emplacement.
    -No gain switch, wich would have been quite usefull.
    -Little lack of dynamic and impact in the sound, but it look like to be this way as nothing struglle to sound good.
    -microsd tracks take 2x more time to be read than from insinde memory, but its not very long (4seconds)

    The UGLY:
    -3.5mm TRRS balanced out is a strange choice (but its subjective to the gear you have, I have no cable of this type so I order TRRS converter)
    -It charge very very SLOWLY
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  8. larry piencenaves
    just canceled my zishan z3 order, i just recently notice it lacks a dedicated volume knob, it might be integrated to the buttons which may degrade its lifetime. going with the z2 instead.
  9. B9Scrambler
    I was informed it has an integrated DAC. You guys can do with that info what you will since you're all way more knowledgeable than I about that stuff, haha. I'm still new to this side of the hobby.
  10. SomeEntityThing
    Is the Ruizu A50's scroll wheel really that bad? I have one on the way and although I ordered the proprietary case from Penon Audio to go with it I'm starting to wonder if the volume constantly changing in the pocket will kill the experience for me...
  11. bsoplinger
    I have one. I keep it in my pocket when I go to sleep or nap. I had issues with the volume changing on the Shanling M1 from which Ruizu definitely borrowed design elements but I don't have problems with the volume changing on the A50. Granted, I've not used it as much as the M1but I have used it enough. So I'm guessing that unfortunately the answer to your question will be it depends exactly on how you use it. It could be just as simple as the jack location changes how it moves in my pocket so changes how prone the scroll wheel is to being moved.
  12. larry piencenaves
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  13. Montree
    I use my A50 in my shirt pocket and have just returned from a month away when I used it everyday for several hours. I had no problem with the volume altering at all. I also use a Shanling M1 so the main problem I have is that the wheels work in opposite directions on the two players so I keep turning the wheels the wrong way.
  14. govie
    In this thread I asked for info about the A50 and the below message got posted.

  15. mbwilson111
    I don't want people to think that the Ruizu A50 wheel is horrible. It does not constantly change. I only have it happen once in a while and it may have something to do with the pockets I use. I usually have it in the pocket of a pair of cotton knit shorts around the house or in the pocket of a light fleece top. It never happens if I am sitting still and it usually does not happen if I am just walking around. It happens sometimes if I am twisting and bending while doing things... gardening, picking up something off the floor etc.

    The case has helped a bit . It is a nice case. If you can put it in your pocket in such a way that the fabric inside your pocket will not rub against the wheel, it should be fine. It is not extremely loose. Maybe it is better with men's clothing?
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