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  1. fairx
    I'm looking at F audio S1 and wonder if it can be used as usb dac via OTG? And the dac section is quite vague. Any more info.
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  2. B9Scrambler
    Nope. USB is only used to charge and transfer files with an SD card in place. I'll ask Penon about the DAC and see if they can point us in the right direction.
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  3. actorlife
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  4. crabdog
    Almost the same. I think it is one of the RUIZU models. Yet another cheap DAP with silly buttons setup. Also it has a very simple UI screen - not sure if it displays album art, although they say it does have an image viewer so maybe...I've seen this model around for quite a long time.
  5. actorlife
  6. govie
    mbwilson111 asked me to post what I eventually bought and why, so here we go! Today I made a table of the DAP's that were applicable and available at first glance within my budget as seen below.

    1. The F.audio F1 had an acrylic front, not very suitable for running & the Mrobo C5v2 my personal favorite was not available anymore. So that ment I had to get some other DAP. B9Scrambler also pointed out some expensive daps from i..e Shanlin, but I do not want to spend that kind of money on a dap at this moment;
    2. The riuzu A50 has a not optimal implemented scrollwheel and I always hold and control my musicplayer in/with my left hand while running which seemed akward with the A50;
    3. Then I made cutouts of all players listed, it helped determine that the X10 and the IHIFI780 were too clunky for my lefthand for frequent use of volumecontrols and skippingsongs with also my left hand;
    4. The Bengjie t6 fell off because it produces clicking noises between tracks and I do not use bluetooth so that was not an argument against not getting this DAP;
    5. Because the 4 above and most expensive dap's within my budget fell off, i decided to buy a cheaper dap and then save up to a budget above €200,-- to buy a higher quality DAP with a high quality UI in the future, including a line-out;
    6. So now I only had a choice between the Benjie S5, Ruizu x50, Ruizu X18 & the IQQ C1 (budget dap/players). The Ruizu x18 was too clunky for my lefthand (I checked this with a paper cutout).
    7. The Ruizu X50 looks really descent for sports at first glance. I like to skip alot of songs while I run, but the buttons are tiny and grouped together, sadly not easy to use with bigger fingers (I also checked this with a paper cutout);
    8. Then I had 2 options left: The IQQ c2 and the Benjie S5. IQQ is not much opinionated on, but the Bengjie S5 is and in a positive manner, besides that it was on sale! So all in all I chose to save up money for a higher level DAP in the future and in the meanwhile be content with the Benjie S5 for only €16,-- (cheap).
    Making those cutouts made all the difference to get a feeling about how ergonomical these dap's felt in my left hand and the specifications and pricing basically sorted the rest out. Yes, I am sad that I did not find the perfect dap for me within my budget, but atleast i can manage with a Benjie s5 while I save up some cash for an excellent and way more expensive DAP.

    Greetings & thanks again for all your advice.

    govie (netherlands)
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  7. govie
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  8. HungryPanda
  9. actorlife
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  10. actorlife
    No selection for that page. The first one I linked has the click down list.
  11. hqssui

    Have you considered Ruizu X02/Agptek A02?. They are available in Amazon UK for arounf EUR 25. Here is the dedicated thread for X02.


    There is another model called A20, which I think is the same as A02, but with extra buttons for 'Back' and 'Menu'. That's available in Amazon as well for the same price,
  12. govie
    Yes I considered every DAP till €60,-- on aliexpress and also the one you suggested. That DAP like many others fell of my wanted-list because they did not have dedicated volumecontrols. When you are running you do not have the luxury of pressing a sequence of buttons. When you have to look at the DAP everytime you want to adjust the volume or song you'll get irritated about that eventually. Finding controls blindly with your fingers is important i believe, therefore the benjie s5 came out on top (it is even cheaper then your model, has playback and remembers where you left off iirc and alot of users on this forum hold those two luxuries in very high regard).
    The deal is that I do *not* see alot of value in a big or good screen on a budget DAP. This because it is in my hand while running or in my pocket while I am in public transportation. Next to that, the bigger or better a screen on a dap is, the shorter the playtime of the dap on a full battery wil be. Imho a nice screen is a luxury if your battery & wallet can handle it, but not a neccesity in a budget-dap. So on a budget i believe controls>flashyscreens. If you want flashy screens buy a better smartphone then the budget model you have now. If you want better sound, buy a budget dap that can handle it's primary task wel: Playing highquality audiofiles & controlling them with ease. Remember that low budget can not buy you everything. So if you choose a dap with a nice screen, then the chances are your dac will be less good in other departments then a dac around the same pricing with a simple or no screen at all.

    Ofcourse I am not an audiophile yet, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But atleast I have tried to make a reasonable & analytical approach regarding buying the best digital audio player to play high quality audiofiles within the small budget I have atm.
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  13. hqssui
    I think, AGPTEK A20 has dedicated volume controls(up/down arrow buttons). I assume it would work as dedicated volume buttons as long as you are in 'Now Playing' screen. And in other screens it would act as menu/list navigation buttons.

  14. govie
    I can give you an example about pressing 1 extra button everytime you want to control your dap: The Ninhaus X10 is a really nice budget DAP, but everytime you want to change the volume, you have to doubletap a button and then use the scrollwheel (this is also a sequence similar to the sequence in the dap that you suggested). The funny thing is that it gets irritating for alot of people and also reviewers i.e. this review: https://primeaudio.org/nintaus-x10-dap-review/

    To quote: "To adjust the volume you need to press any button to activate the screen (assuming the screen is off), press the volume button and then use the dial to ramp it up or down. I’d definitely prefer to have dedicated volume buttons to simplify the process."

    And he is not the only one nagging about controls in general and dedicated volumebuttons on dap's. After this quote you can read an essay about not optimal controls, so controls are really important and should not be overlooked when selecting a dap i believe. Therefore I chose to play safe and make sure my dap had dedicated volumecontrols. Another example is the Ruizu A50, the scrolwheel apparantly sucks in some occasions and gets a mind of its own. I believe I could sum up numerous dap's that do not have pleasant (volume)controls just after 24h of reading almost all reviews on this and other sites, but I will save you the hassle.:beyersmile:
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  15. hqssui
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