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Obscure Albums Not On CD (but should be)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Signal2Noise, Jan 22, 2018.
  1. Signal2Noise
    For years I've been on the hunt for CD versions and/or high-res recordings of albums I loved from way back when. I have cassettes still kept, although practically unlistenable now due to age, and vinyl of some of these recordings. The vinyl I have managed to convert over to digital. Cassette just don't sound very good now. Today I made a rather nice discovery of finding some of the albums on YouTube, either as individual tracks or a single MP3 of the entire album. I was able to convert the YT copy over to an MP3 file so I can add to my library once I properly tagged them. Fortunately there's some good free software that can split out the single full album files into separate tracks. The only drawback so far is these aren't of the best quality, usually 192kbps which is still better than those warped casetttes I have in a shoe box.

    This brings me to the subject: What favourite albums would you like to see re-released in CD form or made available in a high-res format?

    The ones I got off YouTube were a good start for me but would buy CD in a heartbeat if made available.

    Spoons "Vertigo Tango"
    Darkroom "San Paku" & "A Test of Time"
    Boys Brigade self-titled album produced by Geddy Lee (Rush)

    Worth a listen if you liked 80's New Wave.
  2. Trihexagonal
    Ed Sanders - Sander's Truckstop


    Very non-pc in one song, but not all and you have to take into consideration it was made in 1969. It has some funny songs on it, though.

    If you're not easily offended, search "The Iliad by Ed Saunders" on youtube to see what I'm talking about. You have been warned.

    Ed Saunders, former member of The Fugs, is a genius and poet extraordinaire who made a musical tie he could play while speaking, among other things.
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