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Oblivion | UltraSonic Studios

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Maxx134, Mar 22, 2019.
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  1. baronbeehive
    Always interesting to hear from new members!

    This brightness is exactly my issue with the Sennheisers and so your impressions are interesting.

    Have you tried the Oblivion without the Preamp? There is a debate about the merits of preamping in audio circles so I wonder if you have tried it? I used to use one but no longer think it necessary.
  2. Maxx134
    I like to state this aspect and ability of the amp is not to be underestimated.
    Retaining full tube holographic imaging on a hybrid is very unique.
    The solid-state aspect of this design ends up solidifying the image to be one of the most accurate presentations I heard yet.
    Remember in my review how I irrespective of the realism, the soundstage accuracy can still be skewed in other top amps.
    This amp gets it precise while at same time solves the issues of "parts" dependancy, that plagues basically ALL other tube designs so far...
    They ALL still depend on parts quality to effect their sound...
    This amp design makes "parts" upgrading practically obsolete (!). This is the aspect that is a game changer.
    As the designer says "parasitics" of the components are avoided.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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  3. Gethyn
    I replied to this a week or so ago, but it doesn't seem to have registered. No matter . . .

    I did actually try to use the Oblivion without the pre-amp, but couldn't get a signal from the only other pair of outputs on the DAC. I would like to see if this might make a difference, but perhaps the outputs aren't suitable for direct connection with the Oblivion.
  4. SonicTrance
    That's strange. What outputs were you trying to use? You can use whatever outputs you like (even a smartphone but not ideal of course). The normal 2V / channel is perfect though.
  5. Gethyn
    There is only one pair of outputs from my DAC which is already connected to the pre-amp for my speaker set-up. I do have XLR outputs as well, but the Oblivion doesn't have XLR inputs.
  6. SonicTrance
    Right, ok! You could always bypass (unplug) the preamp if you wanna hear Oblivion without it. I'm actually building an Oblivion with optional XLR inputs right now. :)
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  7. bozebuttons
    you can use these interconnect splitters coming off your dac , hook up one set of interconnects to your preamp & another set to the obiivion
    . . .

    you can use this splitter to accomplish what you need,you need 2 of these

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  8. baronbeehive
    Yes, I do something similar to come off the DAC to the headphone amp XLR's and to the SE speaker amp, therefore I can play both simultaneously which is useful for comparisons. Anyway, a bit different from what you want to do, but if you get the splitters let us know what you think... or do what Sonic said and bypass the preamp and just go direct from DAC to Oblivion, and try to remember what it sounded like with the preamp when comparing without it. I very much doubt you would actually need a preamp with the Oblivion as it is already strong in imaging apparently.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
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  9. Venture Guy
  10. SonicTrance
    Hi, not at this time.
  11. MrCurwen
    Well, I did make a DAC for myself a couple of years ago. I even soldered the digital part (the chips) by hand. That was a huge mistake.

    Anyway, the analogue part is basically just another preamp stage. Nothing more to it than that. You can go balanced or SE. If your digital part has balanced output, balanced might be the way to go.

    Only real difference is you probably want to have a bit more consideration to the PSU part than usual. Make it overkill, just to be sure.

    If the cables are long, maybe add a FET buffer stage. Probably not necessary.
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  12. SonicTrance
    Just finished another Oblivion. I've updated the chassis to a full aluminum one.
    This one has optional XLR inputs.

    DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0043.JPG
  13. baronbeehive
    It looks excellent, and the work inside fantastic!

    Just one small point, I think you use the same legs as me which come in packs of 3. I was not happy with the 3 legs on my amp and I believe it is improved by using the 4.....less wonky!
  14. SonicTrance
    Not sure how you placed yours? This one is rock solid using three spikes.
  15. leftside
    Looks very professional.
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