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Objectivists board room

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by joe bloggs, May 28, 2015.
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  1. Strangelove424
    I'm curious about this one. With these old TV productions, I have a sneaking suspicion the editors were either never presented an accurate enough picture of the high frequency content, or were too old to hear it. It seems like if you had an imbalance you would have heard it by now with modern content. My bets are that the system is fine.
  2. pinnahertz
    I'm fascinated by the challenges and results of the audio work done on old TV and movies. Which episode was this? I'll take a look if I can get it somehow. You could rip the audio track...look at DVD Audio Extractor... then bring it into other software for a look-see.
  3. bigshot
    I've actually heard this in a few British TV series. The British had a cue system similar to the reel change marks in old movies. In the early days, there was a little square with white stripes in the upper corner that would show up just before commercial breaks. It would move faster and faster as the cue point for the break got nearer, then it would disappear, which was the cue to cut to commercial. I think later they developed this high frequency cuing system. There would be an alert tone, then a 1, 2, 3 countdown of tones to the break. These cue systems may just be on BBC and ITV shows up to the early 90s. I found a citation of the cue dots, but no mention of high frequency tones... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_mark

    Perhaps they had a high frequency roll off when they broadcast, so the master could have cue tones they knew wouldn't broadcast. Maybe the tones would be picked up and translated into some sort of blinking light to alert the engineers. I don't know for sure about that though- just a guess.

    The series I was hearing it in was BBC's Murder in Mind. I'm sure I've heard it in others. Very irritating. I watch a lot of British TV and that kind of stuff drives me up the wall. At least I know my superaudible frequencies are being pumped into the room at a decent level. I'll fix that now. I'm going to put a notch filter in to eliminate it.
  4. JaeYoon
  5. bigshot
    Congratulations to KeithEmo! He did very well in my lossy test. He was able to sort out the 192s pretty well. When it got into the middle, it got a little looser but he found the top three pretty clearly too. I would say his line of transparency is a notch higher than me, and two notches higher than the average person. He would be safe with LAME 320 and AAC 320.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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  6. JaeYoon
    That's good!!!
  7. Niouke
  8. Niouke
    Enough with the jokes, last time someone cited a good record here, it was a revelation to me (Offenbach: Gaîté parisienne, Living stereo). Do you guys have other exceptional records to advise to me? Any genre of music.
  9. bigshot
    Dave Grusin: West Side Story
    The multichannel version (Blue Grusin on the cover) sounds spectacular, and I'm sure the stereo version (Green Grusin on the cover) sounds excellent too. Great West Coast Jazz.

    Kodo: Mondo Head
    Also available in a (very expensive out of print) multichannel version. World music done modern. Great percussion and vocals. They have other albums too. Haven't heard them, but I'm sure they're interesting.

    Frank Zappa: Halloween 77
    Jaw dropping live concert in great newly remixed sound. One of the highest high points in Zappa's career.
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  10. Argyris Contributor
    I'd have to go with my standby recommendation, The Four Great Toccatas and Fugues performed by E. Power Biggs. The thing that makes this recording special isn't necessarily the performances (Biggs, at the time in old age and poor health, arguably played some of these pieces better on earlier recordings), but the arrangement of the recording itself. It's played in the Cathedral of Freiburg in Germany, which has four separate organs, all of which can be played from a central console. You can mix and match which organs you play, or have them all going at once. The recording was engineered to make the most of this unique setup, with two instruments in front and two behind where the microphones were placed. It's not a binaural recording (apparently it was originally a quadrophonic recording that has in subsequent releases been mixed down but is also now available in multichannel, if you so desire), but it comes about as close as I've ever heard from a traditional stereo setup. The manuals are an earlier non-tracker control setup, which comes with the usual latency, and Biggs chose to compensate for this by playing a bit more slowly and deliberately than usual for the repertoire.
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  11. old tech
    The 1978 Japan Pro-Use Dark Side of the Moon LP pressing sounds great (very similar to the 1983 - 84 Sony mastered black triangle CDs) and is exceptionally quiet and noise free. The only issue is that NM pressings sell for over $300 on the used market.
  12. Niouke
    Thank you for the inputs I'll check it ou!, I don't even own a turntable :)
  13. Niouke
    Amazon is so frustrating, apparently I can't buy mp3 from them as my bank account isn't local to amazon.com, while I'm bloody prime on amazon.fr. Of course amazon.fr doesn't sell mp3's, and the albums are not available for stream on their damn android app, despite their claims. End of the story I can listen only to Dave Grusin: West Side Story as it is available on spotify. It sounds good even tho the general rhythm is not my cup of tea, it's very jazzy!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
  14. reginalb
    I suspect that's down to their licensing deals. They'd gladly take your money if they could.
  15. Niouke
    Dave Grusin, I found the album on spotify, sound great, but such arrhythmic (google grammar check) music is difficult to me! I've added it anyway and will see what happens on the long run
    Kodo - couldn't find the specific album on spotify, and amazon won't sell the mp3 to me :-
    Franck Zappa - found it on spotify, the album regroups 3 concerts! I really dislike live records but as stated this one seems good! I don't know Franck Zappa much (I know right?) so a good listen can't hurt!

    I couldn't find or buy digitally :frowning2: I did found another album that sounds great on IEM's, I wonder how it will sound on my speakers tonight!
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