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Objectivists board room

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by joe bloggs, May 28, 2015.
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  1. bigshot
  2. headdict
    It all depends on marketing. Some audiophiles will be happy to drive their supersensitive IEMs with 500W speaker amps, if they are given a cable that enables them to do so. It's also intuitive that a high resistance cable has to come at a high price. High resistance = high price = high fidelity. I'm sure someone better than me could work out a good marketing slogan from that.
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  3. bigshot
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  4. pinnahertz
    It's my impression that this is already a done deal. There are high resistance cables in the audiophile market now. Might even be at the point of diminishing returns. Remember the coat-hanger wire fiasco? Not especially high resistance, but widely spaced conductors introduces XL.

    WHAT AM I SAYING? There's a market for anything. Go for it, High Fi, High R oxygen free NiChrome wire, 28ga, should be a few ohms per foot. HFHRIFS, you say? $50/ft? Pre-oxidized silver plating on integrated welded on connectors? What?

    Wire manufacturers will make anything you ask for if you order enough and pay up. I'm sure we could get this done.
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  5. JaeYoon
    High resistance...let's you hear the difference! Feel original, go high resistance!
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  6. pinnahertz
    Might as well market that contact oxidizer spray I've been thinking of.
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  7. bigshot
    Such a busy day!
  8. Argyris Contributor
    The amount of sound improvement you'll experience from these audiophile wonders is directly proportional to how much you're willing to spend.
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  9. 93EXCivic
    I was reading on another forum about some of the Chord products and a lot of people on that forum were saying that the Chord products were super sensitive to USB interference which perfectly matches with what people were saying in the USB cable thread that #1 USB cables improved their Chord DACs and #2 that Chord DACs USB implementation is not very good.
  10. bigshot
    Are they getting dropouts where the music cuts out entirely and has to reconnect, like an HDMI handshake problem?
  11. castleofargh Contributor
    it's a matter of circumstances and magnitudes. not everybody has a garbage power supply, a garbage motherboard where everything bleeds into everything and nothing is at the level it's supposed to be. not everybody lives between 5 cellphone towers, a radio station, or some military base with big round stuff on top of the buildings. and of course not all DACs are designed equally. so you'll find some circumstances where pretty much anything becomes relevant, just like you'll find circumstances where a different USB cable won't change anything in the first 110dB of the signal.
    that's why anecdotal evidence should never be used to draw general conclusions. but try to say that to us audiophiles who get to know almost everything in single servings. of course we end up drawing conclusions, doesn't matter if we don't have the means to do so.
    then you add all the guys who couldn't test anything properly to save their lives, but will still come and claim night&day stuff, and you have very legit reasons to take any item of universal salvation with a grain of salt.

    also I have this lingering idea in my head that aiming at the best fidelity under the best conditions, and aiming at getting the most stable device under all circumstances are 2 different objectives. something I imagine to draw a more or less blurry line between audiophile and professional gears. I have no idea if it relates to anything real in practice or if it's just some preconception I have. but I have it.
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  12. bigshot
    If the problem is the computer, that wouldn't be the fault of the DAC would it? I see this a lot in this forum. Like when people say a DAP or phone sounds lousy because they're plugging headphones into it that it wasn't designed to be used with.
  13. 93EXCivic
    Yes and no I would think. If the problem isn't showing up in other DACs then it would seem the USB implementation in the DAC is not up to snuff either.
  14. bigshot
    I suppose other USB DACs might be a better choice if you computer is out of spec. But to me, that's like buying orthopedic shoes when your problem is that you have a pebble in your shoe. I'd focus on fixing the computer.
  15. 93EXCivic
    True although I would imagine that if it was a laptop that would be more difficult.

    Either way it seems kind of ridiculous that at the prices Chord charges they have those kind of problems.
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