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Objectivists board room

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by joe bloggs, May 28, 2015.
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  1. JaeYoon
    I see what you mean now! Doh.

    Actually would be neat for IEMS too. Instead of adding 18 to 20 drivers.

    Why not add a special transducer very similar to that. I definitely would not cast away that headphone just yet!
  2. Zapp_Fan
    My only thoughts so far on why this feature is relatively rare:

    1) An average phone, DAP, etc. doesn't have enough wattage to run what amounts to a vibration motor in addition to an audio driver. This pair ran on USB power, so has more juice available than most passive cans.

    2) It sounds kind of stupid at first, so most respectable companies probably wouldn't bother looking into "vibrators" for their headphones...
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  3. JaeYoon
    I also most took the word "vibrator" literally
  4. bigshot
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  5. castleofargh Contributor
    Floyd Toole suggested that not only a "shake" could increase our impression of realistic low end, but that the vibration didn't even have to be at the frequency of the low end content in the music. I'm paraphrasing because I couldn't find the video where he mentioned it, but it was the general idea. it would suggest that this is a case of something being better than nothing,we're missing that tactile feeling and the brain expects something. but it doesn't mean that anything is just as good as the real stuff of course.
    I'm not using a woofer with headphones because it defeats the reason why I use headphones in the first place, which is tightly linked to not being murdered by neighbors at night. ^_^ so if some vibrating stuff(I'd rather not have it shaking the headphone itself) can subjectively improve the experience of low end, it might be worth it. again I have to say I never tried so maybe it's annoying as hell after 5mn like a vibrating console remote, I just don't know.
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  6. JaeYoon
    I got curious and began looking at Sony's W1MZ.
    Does anyone find this highly contradictory?
    Screenshot_328.png Screenshot_329.png

    Is this for real? "The copper lends the player it's unique natural acoustic sound".
    But it's a digital audio player............
    let that sink in.
  7. castleofargh Contributor
    the feng shui of audio casing. they messed up plating it in gold IMO, they should have left it as copper and sell the famous revolutionary virtues of oxidization as an antibacterial hand cleaner. and then the special "proprietary" sony case cleaner for when it all turns to a disgusting green. some people might develop a rash at some point, but never mind small details.

    I guess it's not really a lie, it's copper that's used to make the circuit, and the case might be involved with the ground in some way? ?????? ^_^ I'm trying hard here.
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  8. gregorio
    I don't recall what Floyd Toole said on the subject but I can relay what occurs in professional practice. The LFE channel in film sound often contains material which is artificially generated and not related to the signal/recording. We commonly add sine waves from a simple signal generator and there are commercial sound libraries comprising only of LFE rumbles. Even in music (some popular genres) it's not uncommon to add a bit of unrelated material to the kick drum. We do this because the ear/brain is relatively insensitive to very low freqs, not just in terms of volume but in terms of everything; positioning, frequency and tonal characteristics.

    I've not tried the vibrator headphones mentioned but I'm more than a little sceptical. The high levels required to perceive very low frequencies, is perceived throughout the body, not just the ears or even entire head. Such HPs might provide some improvement however.

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  9. Niouke
    funny how our brain works, I swear my body is receiving vibrations from the bass I'm hearing...with my IEMs :)
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  10. Argyris Contributor
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  11. 93EXCivic
    I want to make a copper or brass case for my Zishan Z2 just cause I have access to a CNC machine and I like the way the metals patina.

    I am guessing it is grounded to the case. Pretty sure I have seen that on a few DAPs with copper cases.
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  12. bigshot
    DBT is like a cross to a vampire. Look at them run!
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  13. JaeYoon

    This is the best thing I've seen all today.
    Look look! This is taken from a sony W1MZ review here on headfi. Here is a tiny snippet.

    Bigshot DBT (controlled) Cross!
    giphy (2).gif
  14. Niouke
    today I learned that people sell $7500 "active, shielded" power cords. Nice business model!
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  15. JaeYoon
    It's like EMI and noise is like an audiophile's worst nightmare. And jitter too! It must be eradicated at any price!
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