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Objectivists board room

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by joe bloggs, May 28, 2015.
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  1. briskly
    Leakage in the chamber facing the eardrum. Free airflow out of the chamber at lower frequencies limits the bass response unless the driver is compliant enough that its excursion would increase in a leaky chamber to sustain low frequency pressure. If the stiffness of the driver is far greater than the cavity, the excursion does not significantly change and a large loss of bass can be observed.

    Opening the back alone does not. The ear cavity leak is the very reason for difficulties in pressurizing below the fundamental. This is deliberate in typical open backed headphone design. This may illustrate the point more clearly.

    The ear imposes its directional transfer function on the input sound. This is generally preserved in headphones, save some loading of the ear by closing it off with a headphone. If the canals are shorter than the average, the ear resonance is shifted upward when tested by a far off loudspeaker and when subjected to a headphone. The IEM must reconstruct the subject's open ear resonances that are not present.

    Time and frequency compose a conjugate variable pair, and their response functions are related one-to-one to the other by Fourier and inverse Fourier transform. While we tend to ignore the phase component in practice and only consider the magnitude, headphones operate in mostly minimum phase.
    A key property of conjugate variables is described by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. A resonance that is sharply focused around around a particular frequency cannot be localized sharply in time, and vice versa.
  2. Niouke
    reading this sub forum was a big mistake, now I can't stop arguing with people recommending tubes, hirez, and expensive cables :frowning2:
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  3. bigshot
    Haha! We waste an awful lot of time on that around here!
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  4. Argyris Contributor
    I've long since learned that arguing with people about that stuff is pointless, at least in the context that one subjectivist is evangelizing the stuff to another likely will-be subjectivist who is taking the recommendation seriously enough to consider buying something. Some people don't really need a lot of convincing because they already want to believe what others are telling them, for whatever reason. There's no point trying to shift these sort; they're going to do whatever they want. I used to have a "saving people" instinct (I was "the friend" quite often growing up), but years of watching it blow up in my face or else accomplish nothing have made me quite jaded. My attitude these days is that if people don't want to put in the effort to research a subject thoroughly and want to rush to throwing money or personal investment at something they barely understand, well, that's their prerogative.

    The single exception I make is when a person is being bullschiitted into believing they need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on backend equipment in addition to <headphone X>, or else just "not bother" buying anything at all. At that point, I usually step in and offer my experience, which is that I didn't need to spend a dime extra on top of the cost of the headphone to get great sound. In this instance, the person probably doesn't want to spend the ridiculous money, and the vote of confidence that they'll get a great experience without doing so is often enough to get them to at least try the headphone instead of walking away entirely, maybe even writing off the hobby as too expensive or impenetrably choked with snake oil.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
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  5. castleofargh Contributor
    my stand on this is normally simple, lying to ourselves is our problem, but lying to others is always wrong and ignorance is not an excuse. in real life with real people in front of me, it makes for a pretty fair balance between "mind your own business" and "let's warn that guy to fact check what he's being told". but on a forum where every opinion is stated as a damn claim, almost everybody is lying to some extend. even if it is only by taking things out of context, the end result is almost relentless misinformation. and we're also doing it in here TBH, the only difference is that we like to have a little evidence in our claim sandwich. so chances are that we're full of crap less often than those making up stuff on the top of their head.
    and it's not that people love to lie(well some do), it's just that making empty claims all day long has become the norm on social media. so when you do care about facts, you slowly but surely go mad and banned, or you learn to look the other way. like I do in the majority of this forum. I don't have the energy, or enough safety from my quasimodo status, to survive reacting sincerely to every obvious lie or foolish claim I read. it's just not viable.
    instead I tell myself that the purpose is to be a little less wrong at the end of the day, so even a little counts (I take the victories I can afford).
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  6. bigshot
    My purpose is to help folks avoid mistakes I've made over the years and give them information that will actually have practical application for them. I'm more than happy to share info, but if they resist and shut down listening to what I'm saying, or resort to disingenuous argumentativeness, I'm not going to beat my head against the wall. Of course if people do act like the hind end of a mule, I'm obliged to treat them like one. It's their choice. But I always try to have a little fun with it.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
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  7. JaeYoon
    I seriously need to block myself from reading threads on this website sometimes.

    I'm seeing someone on another thread with perfectly fine gear. But they are on the saddle. Because someone said "oh yeah, I just borrowed *insert your gear* here from my friend! but mine sounds better! You gotta use balanced and a good cable though!"

    "Oh really, I'm going to sell it now!!!"

    Yet both pieces of gear are what I would consider good enough. I realize how stupid this hobby can become. Perfectly fine gear will be discarded and thrown away, because he said, she said is much better than yours!
    Soon they will throw that gear that get into the selling bin too cause someone else said, "well this sounds way better than that!"

    I need to stop visit other threads outside of this place or something. I'm beginning to lose my brain cells at an alarming rate....
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  8. Argyris Contributor
    You can spend your whole life chasing after people who determinedly choose to walk off cliffs, or you can just resign yourself to laughing at the splat sound they make as they hit the bottom, at least if, like me, you're jaded and have both a dark sense of humor and an occasional penchant for schadenfraude.

    For some time now, I've used Head-Fi mostly as an informational resource, rather than getting too attached to what was happening in most of the non-general discussion threads. And whenever I do see something patently ridiculous, I just shake my head and repeat something my father always says: against inspired lunacy, what can you do?
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  9. bigshot
    A big problem in the audiophile community is trying to come up with solutions before they've defined what the problem is. For instance, some people spend a lot of money on reducing the amount of jitter. But do they know what jitter sounds like, and can they hear that in their system? I wonder if anyone knows what jitter sounds like. I sure don't. The snake oil salesmen want people to think of solutions to non-existent problems. They encourage it by publishing reams of articles detailing solutions to problems that don't exist. Audiophiles double down on better and better specs, even when it goes far beyond the threshold of audibility.

    Whenever someone asks "do I need this?" I always ask "What do you hear in your system that needs improvement?" If I get a clear answer to that question, 99 times out of a 100 the answer relates to frequency response and EQ is the solution. But some audiophiles don't want to hear that.
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  10. JaeYoon
    I should do the same! I'll avoid getting involved in those discussions too! But I will screenshot and collect hilarious posts for times when I'm feeling sad and use those as cheer up moments!

    This is why I love you all.

    Reading in another thread for audio equipment. Someone made in a post a little back just like this(no doubt this happens often).
    "Man this is so much better than Version 1. New flagship has SNR of *insert Number here* let's say 124, while old one only has 116! This one is so much better! I'm selling my old FS product. OMG guys, because of 8 extra points! I can hear some serious instrument seperation, it just sounds more lively and cohesive, and brings you with the band! it's like right next to me guys!!!!"

    If you mention those solutions bigshot, you already know the answer. they don't want to hear it. They will tell you they can hear the difference, just you need better headphones in order to hear it!

    Don't forget, you need Dual Dacs too! and Balanced output and an audiophile balanced cable!
    Also need some audiophile bumpers so you can keep your desktop setup from touching the ground too!!! You wouldn't want any nasty crosstalk or EMI even though this isn't a gigantic studio and every audio component is like right next to each other.

    not like at those studios who can benefit from balanced cables, and usually their audio systems are separated at a long distance from each other.

    Nonsense! us audiophiles can hear that Balanced increases soundstage and makes things sound so much better! more details and resolution!.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  11. bigshot
    The logic to audiophoolery is... If you can't hear a night or day difference A) Your equipment isn't good enough, spend more or B) You are deaf, enjoy lousy sound. They never even consider C) Maybe there isn't a difference at all.
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  12. bigshot
    When the site design changed and all the bans were lifted, I poked my head in here and found that the sound science forum had become pretty moribund. It didn't take long to stir it back to life. Traffic means ad impressions, which translates to dollars for HeadFi. All of us are creating content to help support that revenue. The system is working again. Hooray!
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  13. Bytor123
    Glad to see you back, always enjoyed reading your posts.
  14. headwhacker
    Then Head-fi should pay you for continuing to create content on this space.
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  15. bigshot
    I think they've been benefitting from my content for a long time. There are certain keywords that kick up my posts in google searches near the top. That's fine. I participate and make my contributions to the community. If it all works and everyone is happy, that's a good thing.
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