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Objective2+ODAC combo (Rear Power) vs Schiit Magni+Modi for Sennheiser HD 650.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by evenr, Jan 21, 2014.
  1. EvenR
    Title says it all. What is better and why?
    O2+ODAC 2 in 1 combo is 295 including shipping.
    Schiit Magni+Modi is 275 including shipping.
    Other recommendations are welcome. To me though, these seem like the two best sub 300$ solutions for a Sennheiser HD 650.
  2. EvenR
    I forgot to mention that i'm going to be running them with usb to my desktop computer.
    Also, i'll do i fair bit of gaming and also watch movies, but it's mostly going to be used for listening to mp3 and high quality audio files.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Audio-GD NFB-15.32 external DAC/Amp, $255+shipping.
  4. HaVoC-28
    AS HD650 is warm sounding headphone either schitt or objective combo will do fine .
  5. EvenR
    Thank you. Seems like a good option, but i've heard that they're a bit warm sounding, so they're maybe not for the HD 650?
    I'm also going to get the HD 800 soon, and the more warm signature of the NFB 15.32 sounds like a great combo with these.
    I would like to hear from anyone who have tried the NFB 15.32 with HD 650's or HD 800's. 
  6. jirapatpum
    Try second hand audio-gd nfb-5.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Just found out Audio-GD is out of stock of the 15.32s, so you might look into the NFB-11.32 model, $340+shipping.
    The 11.32 is considered more detailed, over the 15.32 being more warm and musical.
  8. 62ohm
    I've never heard the O2/ODAC, but the HD650 & HD800 sounds absolutely unacceptable. YMMV, but the HD650 sounded overly veiled & dark with the Magni/Modi combo. On the contrary, the HD800 sounded overly bright, thin and weak using the combo. The HD600 in my opinion is a better pairing with Magni/Modi compared to HD650.
    Keep in mind that this comes from a treblehead. I personally dislike anemic treble cans, and preferred bright cans more than dark. This could cloud my judgement towards the HD650. And as always, YMMV.
  9. Muffin860
    Do you mind updating with what you ended up getting? I have these cans and am looking at getting one of these combos.
  10. EvenR
    I never got any of them, but if i lived in the US i would get the schiit stack. Today i'm using some hd 800's with an hdvd 800. The hd 650's don't get much use, but i still enjoy them a lot over the hd 800's for certain kind of genres. It's a great headphone. If you want this laid back headphone to have a little more kick then the best amp/dac i've used it that doesn't completely break the bank is the Asus Xonar Essence one. The sound becomes more up front and not so laid back as if you could sleep while wearing them. The quality of also very good and i'd recommend it as a compact and practical value for money solution. Hope this helps a bit.
  11. Gloomy Moonie
    Hey, I'm on the same boat of what DAC/amp to get, debating between the NFB-15 and NFB-11. Prior to hearing about Audio-gd my options were the Objective and the Schiit combos, but taking into account the flexibility all three bring to the table, the two latter options fell off. Of course by flexibility I mean that both the NFB-15 and 11, having an identical chassis, allow for USB, optical and RCA connections, while the O&O and the M&M only have one or two of those, depending how much you pay with the former as well. Unfortunately those are the only criteria I can judge by, since I am yet to have a first experience with an (external) DAC and amp, so more info in this context would be great. I should add that my intended listening gear are the AKG K272, Q701 and K7XX (once it arrives), and the Hifiman RE400.
    Having said that, I, as the author, am looking at getting the HD 800 eventually, so the natural question to ask would be about balanced input. As far as I've managed to understand, it is much preferable to the unbalanced connection as it removes essentially all noise, and the previously mentioned options lack the option for it. The question is then should I just get an end-game combo, which would "save" money in the long run (I actually cringed writing that)? Or would it be preferable to take the gradual approach? OP, could you elaborate on your current setup? Are you satisfied with it, or is there anything that you would've done differently?
  12. EvenR
    "Saving money" in the long run is actually one of the reason i went ahead and got the hd 800 plus hdvd 800 and ch 800 s. I didn't want to upgrade to newer and better headphones every time i found myself disinterested with my current setup. At least with the hd 800's you know you're not getting much better.
    I'm currently using a Supra usb and power cable for the hdvd 800 and i'm very satisfied. Best sound i've ever heard before. The only thing i want to put in my chain is an audiophilleo+pure power for the hdvd 800, as many people have found it to improve it's performance a lot. I went this route since i like my setup to be compact, nice looking and portable, but you may prefer to go for the hdva 600 and separate dac.

    As you may know, the hd 800's really shine with classic music and music with live instruments and great voices, but if you're into bass heavy music, hip hop or dupstep, then there's probably better and more fun options out there. At this point there's nothing i would change in my setup. I just have one last part to add. :) 
    Hope that answers your questions.

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