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NZ - Headphone borrowing group

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  1. robthemac
    I am wanting to see if anyone would be interested in setting up a temporary headphones swap group here in New Zealand. We're a small country, and opportunities to try out gear is sorely limited outside of the major centers. I have a reasonable collection of headphones already, but am always keen to hear more, and think it's better to spend days or weeks with a headphone than just a few minutes at a time.

    I am offering to do temporary trades of gear within NZ. For example, if you have an Ether, but want to try out an LCD-3, we could swap for a few weeks. I live in Whangarei but can arrange to meet in Auckland, or we could each pay for postage nationally.

    Obviously there would be an expectation that any borrowed items would be treated with a great deal of care and respect, and that the terms be set out in advance.

    If anyone is interested, have a look at my signature for the gear that I could loan out. I'm interested in hearing pretty much anything and everything!
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  2. robthemac
  3. designmind
    Gee, I see you haven't got much in the way of a response. I guess loaning out gear seems to be a bridge too far for everyone.

    Maybe there is another way of auditioning gear a bit longer - maybe a longer meet? (over a couple of days or so) Though knowing how busy people seem to be these days, that could also be a stretch.

    I still have my collection of headphones, but admittedly have moved more into my HiFi system more lately. Might look at selling my gear off perhaps...

    Hope other posts can come your way!
  4. robthemac
    Yes, limited responses at this stage!

    The idea is that we would exchange gear of similar value (e.g. HD800 for K812) temporarily. Give them some confidence that they wouldn't be ripped off...

    Are you NZ based? Would love to spend some quality time with some Stax...
  5. designmind
    Yeah, local indeed (Auckland).

    Of course you realise that it is a whole Stax system that I have (and is necessary) - DAC, Driver Unit and Headphones - so not exactly insignificant. I also need check a loose connection in right side of the phones I discovered recently that is dropping out occasionally, so will investigate sometime soon.

    I am not really into auditioning any headphones currently, so your borrowing scheme is not appealing to me at this point of time (not wanting to spend more on audio gear either!). Maybe there are others out there more interested in the initiative. Things are pretty hectic for me at this point too with my post grad studies as well.
  6. robthemac
    Yes, electrostats are a different kettle of fish indeed. Logistically challenging.

    All good if it doesn't work for you at present. Sing out if you decide that you need to get to know the HE-6 or K-812 better! Or if you're in Whangarei with some time to kill.
  7. robthemac
  8. greenkiwi
    Next time I'm in Whangarei I'll be sure to give you a shout. It'll likely be in a year or so. Not sure which headphones I'll be bringing down. Likely the ether Cs, Mobius and some iems.
  9. robthemac
    Always keen to hear something new! Been about three years since I had quality time with Ethers.
  10. robthemac
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