NY Audio Show 2017...Should Head-Fi Take Action?

  1. jinxy245
    I live in the NYC General area (lower Hudson Valley) and for the past 3 years I have attended the NY Audio Show.

    It is mostly an upscale show, but each year I went, they had a dedicated space for headphone enthusiasts.

    This year, they do not. Maybe this is no big deal, after all, we have CanJam NYC to look forward to, but obviously I think this is a mistake. The question is, does anyone else?

    When I found out that they were nixing their headspace, I contacted them expressing my dismay.

    The response was something along the lines of "whoops, sorry, but some of the exhibitors will have some Bose & stuff".

    I hope this isn't out of place (if so the Admins can delete this or instruct me to) but I thought if it was important to anyone else, we could have members of Head-Fi drop them a line (civil discourse please) asking for them to give us our headphones back.

    here's the link:


    Just fill out your info, click the appropriate box (NY Audio Show) and send a message.

    Or not. It just seems like the more people they hear from, the more likely it'd be to bring it back. It could only be good for our hobby, especially those living in the NY Metro area.

    Thanks to anyone who decides to.

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