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NVA AP10H Headphone amp.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by tdl-speakers, Jun 4, 2010.
  1. TDL-speakers

    Has anyone here heard this headphone amp, or even used it with AKG K701s?

    Kind Regards,
  2. elipson73
    I've got an NVA AP-10 H paired with an AKG K 701.
    It sounds very good with acoustic music (guitar, piano ...) and female voices.
    Very detailed sound.
    My Cd player is AVI LAB SERIES CD PLAYER.
    Output impedance of your player should be low ( < 50 ohms ; Mine is 10 ohms)
    and you must use NVA interconnects (mine are NVA SSC) because preamplification stage is passive.
  3. keemniloc
    I've been using an AP10P (AP10H + speaker outlets) for over a decade now with many sources and headphones, including the K702s. The amp has a detailed, natural sound, though a bit small with the AKGs. The sound with HD600s was much fuller, but I got sick of jiggling the connector cables with those phones. I love listening to chamber and orchestral music with the NVA.
    While I don't recommend ignoring NVA's advice on cables, I've never used their interconnects or speaker cables.
  4. fabio-fi
    Its been a while since i don't hear anything about this amp. I briefly used it with some vintage Akg hp's a few years ago and it has a nice amount of detail, with a laid back sound to my liking. 
  5. Jammy
    Nope sorry cant vouch for the AKG's, but the NVA AP10h drives my old vintage JVCs & Audeze LCD3's to great effect.
  6. keemniloc
    Not a great fit with the AKG 702, but I have the older version of the amp which needs higher impedance cans. The designer apparently discovered Grado so you might have better luck with the new model.
  7. ginetto61
    Hi ! me too i have the old AP10.
    The sound has always been very natural.  But using Grado sr200 i did not like the bass.
    Not powerful and controlled enough.  The Grados really need something with low Z outs.
    I guess the headphone out should be quite high impedance.
    I will try again with something 250 and 600 ohm (beyer dt990 and AKG 240).
    I think that with the 600 ohm Akg could be a surprise.
    I have just to go and get it at my parents' home.
    Another try for the more adventurous would be to try to use the speakers out.
    This is completely out of my ability anyway.
    But with the right attenuation circuit it could work
    Kind regards,  gino
  8. elipson73
    Yes I think that headphone out is quite high.
    I have a 2013 version of NVA ap 10 h
    This version works well with AKG K 701 (62 ohms) and AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH A 900 (40 ohms)
    But it works badly with DENON AH-D 7100 (25 ohms)

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