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NuPrime DAC-10H - Desktop DAC and Headphone Amp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by daeder, Apr 24, 2015.
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  1. Daeder
    I wanted to start this thread a few weeks ago but decided to post one now as no one has yet to. If anyone has tried the DAC-10H or has some thoughts about the it, please, your more than welcome to share.
    The NuPrime DAC-10H is a new high performance DAC that is coupled with a high-power balanced headphone amplifier. The DAC also offers PCM 384K & DSD256 decoding. There are two different models to choose from, one including the headphone amp at MSRP $1795 (DAC-10H), and $1495 (DAC-10) without headphone outputs. A neat feature that the DAC-10H offers is it can output two audio signals simultaneously, so if you wanted, you can drive Hifiman HE-560 on the Balanced output and also drive AKG K712 on the 6.3mm output. They also have their very own gain settings so you could set one to lower gain or higher gain with a total of 6 gain settings, 3 for each headphone output. Useful for pairing with IEM's and harder to drive headphones. Another thing is it includes a remote control for your convenience and would be useful when sitting from a distance. Also,It weighs about 12lbs (5.5KG). 
    Here are some specs from NuPrime's webpage below on the NuPrime DAC-10H. 
    1. 1 x USB Digital 
    2. 2 x Coaxial Digital S/PDIF
    3. 2 x Optical Digital S/PDIF
    4. 2 x Analog Stereo RCA

    1. Optical (up to 24 bit/192 kHz)
    2. Stereo RCA (Line out). Output impedance < 100 Ohms.
    3. Stereo Balanced (XLR-3 socket pre-out ). Output impedance < 100 Ohms.
    4. Balanced headphone amplifier (XLR-4 socket )
    5. Unbalanced headphone amplifier (6.3 mm jack socket )
    6. USB Sampling Rates: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz and DSD 2.8MHz (DSD64) , 5.6MHz (DSD128) 11.2MHz (DSD256)
    7. S/PDIF Sampling Rates: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96, 176.4KHz, 192KHz
    8. Maximum Sampling Rate: 24-bits
    9. Bit Resolution: 16-24-bits
    10. Frequency Response: 10Hz to 80kHz
    11. Max. output power:  680 mW @ 1 kHz and 600 ohm load at the XLR-4 output
    12. Frequency response:  < 10 Hz to > 100 kHz
    13. Crosstalk attenuation: min. 93 dB @ 1 kHz
    14. THD+N: < 0.0003%
    15. Dynamic range: > 115 dB @ 600 ohm load (A-weighted)
    16. Dimensions: Height: 59mm Width: 215.4mm Depth: 382.6mm
    17. Weight: 10.5  pounds ( 4.8  kg )
    18. Worldwide AC voltage: (90VAC~130VAC // 210VAC~ 250VAC) With Voltage Select Switch
    19. AC Fuse: Slow-blow,T2.5A, 250VAC

    Some pictures from http://www.sonicunity.com
    As you can see, there are multiple buttons and two outputs which both are operative during the same time allowing you to run two headphones, if desired.
    Here's another angle shot of the DAC-10H
    Here is a shot showing back of the unit
    And now here is a picture of the DAC-10 without the headphone amp (MSRP $1,495)
    NuPrime's DAC-10H looks very promising and there will probably be some reviews coming shortly in a couple more weeks. I think having seperate gain settings for both outputs is very neat and would seem useful if lets say I wanted to use IEM's and my friend wanted to use headphones. I can just lower the gain settings and he can set his so we can both enjoy music together while having a more flexible solution. As stated earlier, if anyone has tried or owns the DAC-10H, any comment regarding it's performance would be great. I was told these started shipping about a month ago and a review is coming soon so stay tuned and I will post the review as soon as they are finished.
  2. abvolt
    Looks like a really nice dac I used to use the nuforce dac 80 excellent sounding dac I know there different companies but I think the same guy heads nuprime if you got one or get one let us know how this dac is..
  3. Daeder
    Most definitely. I'll be getting one in a few months and I'll definitely give some input on how it sounds.
  4. abvolt
    I ordered the dac-10 on Friday from audio advisor should be here this Tuesday what I like in dealing with them is one gets 30 days free no like no pay just send back and no re-stock fees. I got the one without the headamp, it should go very nice with my wa22..
  5. Daeder
    Very nice. I'm going to pick up the one with an head amp and use it as my main rig. Let me know how the Dac is. I'm really excited to hear how it sounds and what made you decide to go with the Dac-10 among many other Dacs. I'm going with the Dac-10h as I trust in there product from back when it was Nuforce before Optoma.
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  6. abvolt
    I agree I like the nuforce gear I still use the dac 80 really nice sounding piece, I wanted a balanced dac for my headamp I read only a few reviews on this dac all really good the dealer says it's one of there best if not the best sounding dacs they sell plus I trust them bought from them for many years.. I had for a short while a bmc puredac but that thing was nothing but issue after issue lucky I was able to get my $ back I talked to the US distributor of bmc they had 40 pureamps bad. Glad to be free from that mess..  
  7. Daeder
    If they speak highly of the dac-10, that only reassures me of the quality of the dac-10. I hope you enjoy yours when it arrives and I can't wait to order mine.
  8. abvolt
    Here's my impressions of the NuPrime Dac10 that I just recieved, First off I'm by no means an audiophile I have little experience with Dacs. What I can say is this dacs build quality and aestheics are very nice the fit & finish are seriously good.
    The dac10 has a very natural and organic sound the music is very accurate each instrument sounds so real it's better then all other dacs I've heard by a mile.
    This is only the first day I've listened to this dac and I find the music is now very engaging much more enjoyable I don't want to stop listening it's that good. It has a rich and beautiful midrange and the bass Wow it's very punchy and deep.
    The high frequencies are clean, with good rendering, My music sounds sooo much nicer with this dac, I think this dac is outstanding in it's performance and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great sounding DAC.. 
  9. Daeder
    Looks like the Dac-10 is as every bit as good as it's slated to be. I'm glad to hear such good things about this Dac, it just makes me want it even more. I'm sure with more days to come, you will find more positive qualities in the dac-10 giving you've only had it for a day.
    Please keep me informed on your impressions with the dac-10.
  10. abvolt
    Yeah day 2 with this Dac and my music is just so smooth and rich it's definitely getting better. I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Dac10, The remote with this Dac is very cool looking and all metal heavy for a remote. Here's pic of the unit plus remote, It's not in the place I'd like my xlr cables were too short. This is the headamp I'm using with the Dac10 the sound is truly amazing..
  11. Daeder
    That's a very nice setup you got going there. Would love to hear how it sounds. The NuPrime Dac-10 looks beautiful in that picture and that's my first time seeing the remote. Everything just looks like it compliments the Wa22.

    What's been your go to track for testing the dac-10? Curious what songs you have been putting through the dac.
  12. project86 Contributor
    I've got the DAC 10H in for review. I like it a lot - very neutral, clean, but not analytical or edgy or boring as is sometimes the case with neutral DACs. Also the headphone out is very nice and powerful too. I'd say it is worth the $300 extra over the DAC-only version, unless you are absolutely positive you will never use it. 
    As much as I liked the DAC-100, this new model is on another level all together. 
    More to come when I finish my review for InnerFidelity. 
  13. abvolt
    I've been listening to a lot of jazz the new cd from Boney James called futuresoul, is heavy in deep bass also some Brian Simpson great jazz piano. Norah Jones vocals are soo sweet sounding, even some of the top 50 off spotify like Tove Lo,DJ Snake, Pitbull, I like all types of music. This Dac10 makes my krk 10 3's + s10 sound better then they ever have..
  14. Daeder
    Would you mind giving us any info as to what headphones you'll be testing with the DAC-10H? Can't wait for the review.
    You have good taste. I like all kinds of different types of music too. I've never heard of Boney James so I gave Futuresoul a listen on Spotify and found it quite enjoyable. I think I have a new artist to listen to now so I gotta check out more of his stuff.
  15. abvolt
    Also if you don't mind letting us know when you do post your  InnerFidelity review thanks..
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