NuForce uDAC2-HP vs portable big boys
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Oct 16, 2010
Hi there,
I am learning about audio equipment and I have been wondering if portable vs desktop price/performance is the same deal for audio rig as it is for personal computers.
it goes without saying that a 1000$ custom built desktop computer can compete with +2000$ laptop computers in performance.
for example when I read the specs for NuForce uDAC2-HP, the manufacturer says that it supports up to 24/96 audio. (for 100$)
the Hifiman HM-801 also supports 24/96 however it is around 800$!!!
so how does the cheap NuForce uDAC2-HP compares with portables such as HM 801, HM 602, Sflo:2 ?! (and others such as Apple ipod touch, Zune 120)
thank you very much. I am looking forward to learning.

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