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Nuforce uDAC 2 + EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! [worldwide shipping]

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  1. ulogin
    For Sale
    Up for sale are my uDAC2 and a few "like-new" phones posted also on the Headphones thread (date of purchase):
    1. Nuforce uDAC 2 (May 11): $OLD. Excellent Dac section. The amp section is good for power hungry phones. No packaging.
    2. Etymotic ER-4S (Dec 10): $198. These ER-4S builds like a tank. Plus I use these interchangeably with my other twenty phones so these are still great cosmetically. 
    3. Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99 (Dec 11): $130. Energetic and fun. Attains a SQ of 8.8 in |Joker|'s review.
    4. Atrio Pro M5 MG7 (Dec 11): $110. King of sub-bass. Also attains a SQ of 8.8 in |Joker|'s review.
    5. Klipsch Image x10 (Nov 11): $118. 8.8 again in |Joker|'s review! Superb in comfort too. No packaging.
    6. Koss KDE250 (don't remember): $83. Mid-centric sound + Great clarity. Kind of like ASG-1 to me.
    7. Philips SHE9700 (Jan 12): $20. FOTM brought to you by Dsnuts.
    8. Brainwavz M4 (Apr 12): $40. Attains a score of 4.75/5 (value) in ClieOS's review. Bassy. See review thread below.
    9. Xears Power Systems PS120. (don't remember): $35 Another bassy phones (not bloomy though). No packaging.
    10. Klipsch Image One (Mar 12): $70. Bought these after I sold my first pair (seller remorse). Nice bass.
    $5 less for 2 items  |  $10 less for 3 items 
    All are in excellent condition. All packaging, pouch, and accessories included unless otherwise stated.
    Prices include CONUS shipping. International buyers please add $10 for additional shipping fee. Accepts PayPal personal or buyer adds 4% (Amazon payment is free BTW).
    Thanks for looking!
    ATH-CKM99's review thread:
    Yamaha's review thread:
    Koss KDE250's review:
    Philips' review threads (SHE9700 are even better than SHE3580):
Thread Status:
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