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Nuforce Primo 8 - an Audiophile Phase Coherent Quad Balanced Armature Driver IEM - Impressions

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  1. Leo888
    Looking forward to more impression.
  2. slackerpo
    we could really use some updates
  3. tinyman392
    Patience...  LOL, these are due to release in March I think...  They'll update us as time goes by :wink: 
  4. audionewbi
    Considering my interest to the quad market I must try this down the line. Subbed, should be fun comparing it to IM04. 
  5. mechgamer123
    I sent an email. Hopefully Nuforce received it; I would be quite psyched to try these out since I've been looking for IEMs in the sub-$500 price bracket but haven't found anything that fits my tastes yet.
  6. Niyologist
    NuForce has finally seen the light. This is indeed a nice change of pace. 
  7. kostalex
    Any comparisons to ER-4P/S? XBA-3?
  8. Tom Yum Goong
    I'm going to attend a big audio convention here in Germany next weekend.
    Nuforce is going to have a booth there and I really really hope that they have a demo-pair of these IEMs with them :)
  9. vlenbo
    Can't wait, hope you enjoy it!
  10. magi44ken
    Tom, if you do get a chance to demo them, let us know how natural their BA driver sounds like. The best natural sounding BA that I have a chance to listen is the TDK BA-200. The other is GR07 IEM but the soudstage is a bit 2D. Enjoy your show!!!
  11. esteebin
    The VSonic GR07 is bio-cellulose dynamic driver, not BA. Unless you are saying natural sounding in general, not specifically BA.
  12. magi44ken
    I should have mention it. Thanks for pointing that out.
  13. Tom Yum Goong
    Don't get your hopes up too high, folks :-D
    I'm not even sure if they will have some demo units there.
    And besides that, my ears are anything but golden and I hardly have anything to compare them with.

    So if I'm going to post some impressions, feel free to take them with a pinch of salt :wink:
  14. magi44ken
    You never know. I'm crossing my fingers. I'm looking for the keyword lifelike, natural, sureal, etc... hehehe 
    I'm waiting for more impression from HPA. If Nuforce can really tune and make their BA driver to sound more natural with good warmth and body like a dynamic it will be hit for sure. One of the best timbre that I have a chance to listen was JVC FX-700 when it comes to IEM.
  15. Tom Yum Goong
    I guess I have to diappoint you people.
    Nuforce did not have a demo unit there. Only this one in a glass box:

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