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Nuforce NE-700X vs. Klipsch Image s4

  1. mhilfinger
    Hello, I've read a few threads that alluded to a comparison of these two products, but no post explicitly stated which of the two is a superior product.  I previously owned a pair or s4's, and was satisfied with my purchase, no doubt, but the mids and lows of the s4 seem a bit synthetic, and fail to capture the true acoustic sound of many of my favorite recordings (I'm no audiophile).  So I was wondering which buds you head fiers would recommend.  My current collection: a pair of broken monster turbine pro coppers, and a pair of Denon AHD2000s.  My preferred reference tracks include: Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead), The W.A.N.D. (flaming lips), and Temporarily Like Achilles (Bob Dylan) for good measure.  Any feedback is much appreciated.
  2. dbdynsty25
    I actually think you'd be better off with something like the Brainwavz M3 for the type of music you listen to.  They are a lot more balanced with a nice low end when needed.  I listen to hip hop most of the time and the M3s are very good for that, but when I venture over to the alternative is when the M3s really shine.
  3. mastershake2393
    So you're just going to let the MTPC sit there lol? Can't you just replace those instead? Anyways, I agree with dbdynsty25, the Brainwavz M3 do sound like they would be better for you music preferances, especially since you own the MTPC.

  4. dbdynsty25
    I've got some coppers too and going back and forth between them and the M3s, I find it hard to justify the extra 150 bucks when recommending headphones.  The Coppers are nice, but not 150 dollars nicer than the M3s.  Both are fantastic.
  5. mastershake2393
    He said that he has the Coppers, but they are broke. I don't see why he can't call up Monster and order a replacement pair if they are under the lifetime warranty (not refurb).
  6. maykello
    good thing i saw this thread...i'm currently looking for some reviews on the nuforce

  7. mhilfinger
    I'm more interested in the quality of the nuforce vs the klipsch, I'm set on those two.  I cant replace my mtpcs because I bought em used. I have a great pair of cans but i need a pair of durable buds on the go, and I've had two pairs of turbines break after no misuse. 

  8. Honsami
    I am also comparing the two for a present coming up this month, he listens to house / electro / trance music.  It seems like the NU-700X is looking better and better the more reviews I read. 
    I guess it all comes down to if the NU-700X are good for these type of music?
    Any insights or feed backs are greatly appreciated.
  9. aMoLk
    I have tried both (and currently using) Nuforce 700X and Klipsch S4.
    Assuming, they fit your ear properly (because seems like thats the most important factor on whether you'll receive the expected sound quality)
    Nu 700X and Klipsch S4 are very similar as far as audio quality goes. I have compared Some Rock, Pop, Electro and New Age music (and a bit of hip-hop and R&B, but not a lot of hip-hop). Music sounds just as good on both. You can hear sound crisp and clear on both.
    As for differences, I find the Klipsh has a bit more Bass which over-powers the rest of the music sometimes, this never happens with Nuforce, even though they have enough Bass. But if you want more Bass, you shouldn't be shopping for Nuforce.
    Nuforce was created for Musicians and Audiophiles, and as such these earphones provide you the most original music (in their capacity), without any pretentions. This may be plus at times while a negative at other times. Music is very clear on these, but it may feel quite ordinary at times. Klipsch on the other hand are more mainstream for Music lovers, and deliver slightly enhanced/equalized music. (I don't think there's an easy way to explain this without experiencing it for yourself). Also, Klipsch is a bit more forgiving on the bit-rate of your music encoding than NuForce. With NuForce, I prefer to have 320Kbps over even 192Kbps. While with Klipsh, 192Kbps sounds just fine.
    Nuforce earbuds are a bit larger, and they feel bulkier compared to Klipsch. 
    In conclusion, I feel that if you are a commuter on the go, Klipsch fit the profile better. They are smaller and more comfortable to wear, that you can just put on and go. They are very light and almost no strain on ears, sometimes you won't even realize they're there. On the other hand, I like the sound quality on the Nuforce more, they are more clearer in sound with less over-powering bass than klipsch, but are slightly larger and when you wear them and their presence is definitely felt. Overall, I like Klipsch more, however if sound quality is the only criterion, then I'd go with Nuforce anyday.
    I have also used the Bose IE2, which I feel is better than both of the above in sound quality and clarity, however due to lack of noise isolation they fall short sometimes and you may really need to blast volume due to ambient noise. On the other hand, if you're out for a jog or walk, or visiting a new place where you wanna hear outside noise, while enjoying your music, then Bose are a great choice.
    For Hip-hop, electro-pop and such, I'd recommend Klipsch S4. In fact, for anyone, who is not heal-bent on quality and clarity of music, and just wants a good sounding pair of buds, I'd recommend Klipsch S4. But for New Age, classical type Music, Nuforce is a better choice and for anyone who is more of a audiophile.
  10. Peterlovemusic


    And I want to ask which is more suitable for classical music?
  11. NilsTentacles
    I use Nuforce NE-700X in my portable setup. Can't say I'm too excited about them. But then I am used to listening to Beyerdynamic DT880. Which is another priceclass and totally different construction. I have no experience of Klipsch headphones though.
  12. Jeremypsp
    If you like bass, the S4s won't disappoint :wink:

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