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NuForce NE-700X Silver Metal In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), Free Ship

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by soundstige, Aug 30, 2011.
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  1. soundstige
    For Sale
    Hello everyone. I'm selling my excellent NuForce NE-700X silver color metal IEMs. They are in perfect working condition and near-perfect physical condition with no noticeable marks. They have excellent bass response, and pretty good clarity for how pleasingly bassy they are. I'm only selling them because I use full-size headphones almost exclusively. I bought them new from Amazon for $65, as anyone else can do, so I'm taking $20 off for being lightly used. I'm not including the stock tips because they sucked, but I am including two extremely comfortable tips that I got from a Meelectronics IEM, one medium pair and one large pair. The tips will be cleaned thoroughly and properly before shipping, and you're welcome to do it again when you receive them if you like. I can also include a pair of Comply foam tips that fit these earbuds perfectly for $2 each pair.
    The price is firm as it includes shipping, tracking, and insurance. Please send me a PM with interest. Thank you!
  2. soundstige
    Price lowered -- now only $49, and remember this is all inclusive. Free shipping, no PayPal fee, no splitting shipping costs, no other gimmicks. Just great headphones to your door for $49!
  3. gsr22
    Is the warranty transferable?
  4. soundstige
    No, I don't believe it would be, but I'm sure you could just send them back to me if any issues arise.

  5. soundstige
    Price drop!
  6. Han Bao Quan
    Does this with all the original tips?
  7. soundstige
    Hi! One medium and one non-original pair of tips, and you can add comply foam tips (the best choice for these, a perfect fit) at $2 a pair.

  8. soundstige
    Sold! Thanks!
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