{{{{{{Now-Sold*}}}} Burmester Vorfuhrungs CD III Ultimate CD & Hard To Find!!! {NEW!!}
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Aug 15, 2006
{{{{{{{{{{ NOW~SOLD!!!}}}}}}}}}
Will accept  $39/£25~Inclusive of shipping/P&P

Burmester Vorfuhrungs CD III Ultimate CD & Very-Rare!!! NEW!!
:Very difficult to locate and highly prized by the Audiophile world! 
 Brand new (never played) purchased this copy from Japan!
Artist: Various Artists/Compilation-Album: Burmester Vorfuhrungs CD III-Publisher: BurmesterBurmester is well know as high end and expensive audio equipment manufacturer, from Power Conditioner to Amplifier. This is their third Reference CD Audio (Burmester Vorfuhrungs CD III). A compilation from some best track to measure up your audio system performance.

The Above Price Includes:Normal Air-mail to US &UK
**If you require registration of your purchase this is extra and costs
*$13 /£8.70(which is subsidised By Me!~(Price charged by PO =$18/£11.50)
This is the ammount Norway Post charges for 1 x cd Depends how thick the package? if when I have wrapped them, they are thicker it costs more!! but I will pay any extra above & beyond the cost above.
*Please check there web site www.posten.no
if you have any questions please get in touch.
*I would not be selling if I did not require finance for other projects!
Many Thanks for Looking any questions please get in touch

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