(Now Finished) PCM2902 USB-S/PDIF PCB Group Buy
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Didn't have a matchbox sorry!
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Thanks! The battery is a great reference also!

Mmmm now..how am I ever gonna solder that PCM2902!
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Gotta buy a new camera, this thing needs like 10inches distance to stay in focus :|


Hardest part is placing it straight! Flux on the pads, place it and hold it with something. Solder the pins at the corners, then put a little solder on a small tip and just wipe it across the pins. S'all I did on my last Guzzler USB Dac!
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Build page courtesy of dsavitsk


Don’t forget to bridge 8,9,10 and connect 10 to V+ if you’re not using the regulator

edit: idea for key ring S/PDIF... do it like those USB pocket drives with an A connector instead of a B connector (have to be some creative mounting), and then it would just slot straight into the side, no cable needed!

And finally, GOOD LICK!

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Thanks Guzzler! Got my board yesterday! Just waiting for digikey now. Do they send a mail when they ship?

There are many like it..but this one is mine
Shown here on it's custom made jitter reducing ceramic de-resonator! Ha Just kidding ofcourse it's a generic part!

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Originally Posted by shiggins
Got 'em. Thanks Gus.

Did we all get our boards taped to part of a script? I got page 42 - maybe we can club together and get the whole play?

haha, yes it's part of our scrap paper pile, dads old scripts end up there


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