Now available at Music To My Ear- Lehmannaudio headphone amps and The Elemental Watson tube-hybrid
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Jul 7, 2014
We are happy to announce being authorized dealers for Lehmannaudio and Elemental Amps.
The two products that we have in stock from Lehmannaudio are the Rhinelander and the Linear D headphone amps!
Lehmannaudio has been around since 1988, and here is an excerpt from their home page to get some backstory about the Linear amp.
. "Since Lehmannaudio turned the “emergency exit” of classic hi-fi amplifiers into a gate to a new musical perception with their Linear back in 2004, headphone outputs with frustrating sound have become a thing of the past. Now the Linear D shows that things can even get better: the Linear’s multi-award-winning analogue section has been upgraded with a high-resolution digital-analogue converter of the latest generation."  
The Linear D is on demo for any customers to hear in the store                  
Here is the pdf link to learn more about the Linear D
Upon first impressions I could tell that this was a neutral sounding amp which does a great job of letting the headphone do the talking! The headphones I used for my comparisons were the Sony  MDR-Z1R,  Sennheiser HD800s, Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCD 3, and a little bit of time with the Focal Elear. If anyone has any questions about my findings about this amp or the headphones in question I am more then happy to answer! Feel free to PM anytime. I also want to give a shout out to @kwitel, whose tracks I used when demoing this unit, and taking my notes. He posted on a thread talking about "good demo tracks" and I really liked what tracks he offered, and will likely use in future reviewing. So thank you. 
The Linear D (headphone amp plus DAC) retails at Music To My Ear for $1,449
The Rhinelander amp is Lehmannaudio's entry into their headphone amp lineup.
"The sonic kinship with the Linear reference device is due to the specially selected, high-grade components and sophisticated circuit design. Such an elaborate construction is unique in a headphone amplifier of this price range. Low-loss MKP capacitors for the audio path, a double-sided pc board for an optimum layout as well as low ESR capacitors in the power supply could be mentioned as examples of the audiophile components. By the way, the Rhinelander also knows how to delight as a high-class single-source preamplifier. The single-source preamp mode is active as default setting".
Here is the pdf link to learn more about the Rhinelander
Rhinelander retails at Music To My Ear for $549
From Elemental amps comes a very special Class A tube hybrid called the Elemental Watson. 


From what I have heard this amp (which is a little bit bigger then a CD case) is a little beast... I have done a full write up of it in the 
Headphone amps (full size) section. 
For $249 this hybrid is going to surprise a ton of people with its sound....
The website to Music to My Ear is under neath my name if you want to look us up. Since we are bringing in new gear all the time, our website is being updated constantly. Feel free to call us as well if you don't see something.
For any one looking at this on their phone, here is our web address.
If anyone has any questions for me don't hesitate to ask! 

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