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Note 10 plus official sound quality thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by live1, Aug 24, 2019.
  1. live1
    So guys I've got the note 8 had it since release and love the sound in headphones .how is the audio quality on the note 10 plus guys
  2. mrhizzo
    Are you aware that the headphone jack is gone in the Note 10 line, right?
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  3. live1
    No I'm not aware of that dammit Samsung what are you thinking?but hows the sound quality anyway as I want to upgrade and need sound as good as my note 8 or better
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  4. genck
    I'm certainly aware, which is why I'm not buying one. I also have a Note 8.
  5. arbiter76
    Note 9 is pretty decent for a phone. Perhaps give it a try? I usually use my ES100 with my note 9 for that smooth Asahi Kasei sound. I use my LGV20 as a dap for earphones and when I want to bang bust out my JDS Labs CD5.

    Also have you looked into USB C adapters with DAC built in? I have not and probably will not for awhile.
  6. live1
    But how the note 10 sq ?what dac does it use ,is it loud in hp?etc
  7. Arghavan
    There is no DAC (digital to analogue converter) inside the Note 10/+
    The DAC is inside the USB-C earphones you get inside the box or the USB-C to 3.5mm dongle you can buy.
  8. live1
    Omg are you serious that sucks I'm not getting a note 10 plus
  9. Ike1985
    Does it sound awful though? I've got totl ciems Nd am curious what it would sound like
  10. Arghavan
    That depends on the USB-C dongle you buy. It's completely irrelevant to the Note 10. You can buy something like Dragonfly Red/Cobalt or iBasso DC-01 to get an excellent sound.
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  11. Ike1985
    I got the Samsung dongle, it works fine. Quality isn't hugely different than what I was getting before, If I'm seriously listening I'll use the Hugo2 with my A18t's but for the gym and listening to podcasts the dongle is fine.
  12. slex
    If there's no dac, how did it convert it to its speaker?
  13. IgeNeLL
    The stock earphone :) when first plug it need to update fw and after that it sound different.
    For details resolution :)) it cannot compared with my dap and iems.
    It sound no thing wrong in term of sound stage and positioning :)
  14. genck
    True, there is a dac but it doesn't have an analog out as a port from an amplifier (like a headphone jack).
  15. slex
    My only gripe is UAPP with MQA crashes on my 10+.

    Looking forward for FiiO BTR5 with dual ESS dac -Bluetooth to 3.5mm receiver.

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