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Not sure if this is the place to post this but help? Having some computer audio issues..

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by vese, Sep 23, 2012.
  1. vese
    I've been running the same setup for around 2 years and suddenly after restarting my computer I'm having an issue.
    My setup is Computer USB port->fiio e7->Hifiman HE-300.
    I've tried several USB ports to make sure thats not the issue and plugged in the hifiman to the direct headphone port to make sure its not a headphone issue but using the USB->E7->HE-300 setup Im not getting any sound transmitted.
    Update: The E7 wont work in a iPhone->E7->HE-300 or iPod->E7->HE-300 configuration either. 
    Update2:Fixed it by shoving a paperclip into the reset hole. 

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