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Not satisfied with ie8's, what's next?

  1. solaris7
    Hi fellow head-fi'ers it's that time of the year where I spoil myself, my ears actually. I am writing this after finally settling my divorce with the senn ie8's (boy, she really fought for custody of our comply foam tips).

    Ok, on a more serious note I really wanted to love them, they were my first experience with high end iem's but one thing really bothered me, whenever I listened to a song where the singer placed emphasis on the 's' letter in any word (almost like a small hissing sound), I just could not bear to listen to that word, and hence that song anymore, it was too harsh to listen to. I am too much of a noob to know what that is called musically.

    * I also did not care for the bass, it did not blow me away, no oomph.

    * What I loved was the soundstage, I really got lost in my music.

    * I also liked that it was not too technical and thus did not emphasize flaws in the recording, it was a fun pair to listen to.

    * These were the real deal, not fakes.

    In summary, please recommend me a pair, in the same price range (~$450), oh head fi gods.
  2. truckdriver
    Due to my limited experience, I can''t make a recommendation. I can only recommend that you seek advice from those with similar issues with the IE8. I presently own the IE8, but I haven't experienced the sibilance issue (not even in the beginning with the original tips). Treble/mids sounded distant and perhaps a little shrill but not sibilant with my DAPs.
    I believe my use of triple-flange tips is sort of like a high-pitch filter. I have to turn the treble all the way up to get it back in balance. In my case, it appears to also aid in a thicker tone and less bloat/boom of “mid-bass”. Bass muddiness is still about the same. Overall, it's a "warm" yet natural sound. It's OK.
    Whether it's headphones/earphones/speakers, I've always turned up the bass (in one form or another). R&B/ Rap/Soul/Funk/Blues are all derived/anchored/driven by bass. With the IE8, it's hard to find a bass boosting point where it all comes together (kick/resonance/accuracy).
    Between headphone amps, good sources, EQing, and the knobs on the IE8 itself; I'll bet there's a sweet spot in the bass range. Unfortunately, I don't have the motivation to find out because the isolation of the IE8 is so bad, I can't use it in the truck I drive (which to me is the whole point of IEMs).

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