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Not looking for new IEMS, DAPS or Portable Amps

  1. Bennyboy71
    Your help is not required in this instance because I now have the RE262, Cowon J3 and Headstage Arrow and am in audio heaven doing a little dance like a monkey on double espresso.
    Thanks for reading this though.  Good luck in your adventure.
  2. JoeyRusso
    Fine, be that way... just go off and listen to your music happily then.   Sheesh, I swear... Some people just don't know how to be miserable or stuck in an endless loop.  LOL
    Congrats on finding audio bliss...
  3. buffalowings


    you posted this...WHhhyyyy? 0_O? anywho, congrats getting out of the endless adventure
  4. Bennyboy71
    I posted it as the yang balance to all those yinny "Please help me!" threads.  Just doing my duty to the universe.


  5. mcnoiserdc
    Lol, I hope it will last long so you won't need to be banned many times again, lol!

  6. GeorgeGoodman
    Congratulations on being cured of upgradeitis! How is the soundstage on those things? Also, how does it sound when you turn on the Arrow's bass boost level 1 and 2?
  7. proedros
    Only you could post such a yin thread to so many yang threads here.
    I am 2/3 and heading for 3/3
    And yeah , i can relate with your feelings - if i get the arrow i will chill too for some months at least....


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