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NOS RTC E188CC Vacuum Tubes

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  1. nelamvr6
    For Sale
    Two pairs of NOS La Radiotechnique E188CC vacuum tubes.  Both pairs have been burned in for 20 hours and have been play tested in a Schiit Lyr.  They both sound awesome!  These are extremely rare, fantastic sounding tubes!
    Price is $190 per pair plus $10 shipping in the US or Canada.  Shipping outside US or Canada at cost.  Must be shipped via a method that provides tracking, no USPS, no exceptions.  Paypal only.
  2. nelamvr6
    One pair has been sold, I have one pair remaining.
  3. gmahler2u
    it's very tempting....if I had some cash I would add to my collection..
  4. nelamvr6
    Both pairs are now sold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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