Northern Illinois University school shooting
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That is very sad news. That whole "gun free zone" thing doesn't make sense to me either, it wont stop these kinds of things.
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Unless you find a way to turn the internet and news media off with the flick of a switch (not that that would help anyways), the best thing to do is probably help the 'crazy' ones before they go off in the first place.
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Sad news!
Seems like there are a new "School massacre" every week. What's wrong over there?
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Originally Posted by krmathis /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Sad news!
Seems like there are a new "School massacre" every week. What's wrong over there?

Even murderers are pragmatic.

The previous shootings at schools this year weren't "school massacres" of the Columbine/VT type. They were simple targeted attacks that happened to be at school. Why schools? The victim is guaranteed to be there at certain times of day, the venue is neutral, the victim is almost certain to be disarmed, and the victim won't be expecting it.

As for these massacres, it seems to be another case of mental illness. The shooter stopped taking his meds and behavior became erratic. Apparently taking people out with you is fashionable for a subset of those people. Schools contain large amounts of certainly unarmed individuals packed in close quarters with easy access and predictable police patterns. A logical choice if the mass murder is the point.

Either way, police response time was spectacular. The chief reported that 29 seconds elapsed between the first reports and the police arriving on scene. Unfortunately, it still not fast enough.

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