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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. nwavesailor
    AND you can use it with your ZMF Verite as well as any other mini XLR's!

    Perhaps the Empy will now stay put??? :thinking:
    Wes S likes this.
  2. Wes S
    My new Draug 3 is in the house! :o2smile: This cable is a match made in heaven, with my Aeolus sound wise and looks. Love me some cables!
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  3. Wes S
    Matches up with my BHC pretty good, too. :o2smile: The Draug 3 is the sexiest looking cable ever made, and in person looks insane!
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  4. nwavesailor
    Overheard at a group session:

    "Hi..........my name is Wes.............. and I have a cable and tube 'problem!' "

    "But I can quit ANYTIME I want to"
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  5. Wes S
    Hmm . . ."overheard at a group session" So, you were there too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  6. nwavesailor

    DOAH.................ya caught me! I'll see you there next week, Wes.
    Wes S likes this.
  7. Matthew420
    Jeebus. A Crack through a Draug into an Aeolus. Is it warm enough yet?
  8. Wes S
    Actually it's perfect! :o2smile: Funny how good hearing works. I do like it warm, wide, thick and resolving. . . Have you actually heard this setup or a Draug 3? Draug 3 is all copper, but does not slack at all when it comes to detail. clarity and soundstage, with killer bass. What's not to love, if you are going for that natural "live" and organic sound?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
    Matthew420 likes this.
  9. Liu Junyuan
    Nice cable. Everything matches. What wood on the Aeolus matches so nicely with the Draug 3? Is that sapele?
  10. tim0chan
    Looks to be the stock sapele
    Wes S likes this.
  11. Wes S
    Thanks! This was my intention, and it came out nicely. The Aeolus is in the stock Sapele, which just happens to be my favorite ZMF wood, as well.
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  12. Wes S
    GOT DRAUG? :o2smile:

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  13. syn959

    Nice! Still love my BHC with HD650 and Norne cables. Some days I wish I had stopped there before I went down the head-fi rabbit hole. :wink:
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
    Wes S likes this.
  14. GU1DO
    Any Black Friday discount ?
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  15. thecrow
    Anyone had any correspondence with Trevor @TigzStudio recently?
    As well as not having any response to an email i bumped a few times with him (re draug3 for hekse) he hasn't been here for a fortnight and not posted for a couple of months
    I hope all is ok

    re headphones:
    for utopias has anyone had experience with more than one of Trevor's cables (eg silver and copper or einvaldi)?
    I have always enjoyed and preferred Trevor's silver cables (s2 and draug silver) except for the hekse which was too much of a good thing re detail / top end
    Hence wondering what might best suit the utopia from your experiences?
    (will be using with auralic taurus mkii)

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