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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. Shiloh65
    I sent you an email earlier to see if a modification to my order could be made.

  2. TigzStudio
    Got it and just replied, not a problem to change termination still.
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  3. thecrow
    anyone know the difference in sound between the silvergarde 3 and the silvergarde 3 clear?
  4. Wes S
    I would think not much?
  5. Slim1970
    Isn't it the same cable without the sleeving?
  6. Wes S
    That's what I thought. Seems advantage of sleeve vs. unsleeved, would be weight & durability. My original Silvergarde S(1), is quite heavy and had I not bought it second hand, would have gone with unsleeved, for the weight savings.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  7. donato
    There is a difference in the gauge of the wire - 4x20awg vs 4x21awg which probably also accounts for the cost difference. Trevor also said of the S3-C in an e-mail when I previously asked about the differences "It is smaller gauge and does not have all the benefits of the layered design with cotton layer and and cotton cores." The "layered" cable is the S3.
  8. UsoppNoKami
    Sorry mate, I didn't order any cables from ZMF. I intended to use my Norne cables with the Verite from the start, so the latter only shipped with the stock cable, which has never seen light of day.
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    Would you mind PMing me how the Verite and 1000SE compare? Thanks!
  10. thecrow
    @UsoppNoKami i’d be interested too, already having the he1000se and auteur
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  11. Jozurr
    Has anyone compared the Norne Draug v3 and the volsund cables? I tried to search in this thread but couldnt find comparative impressions.

    Curious to know what the differences in sound are like.
  12. LoryWiv
    I used the Volsund for quite a time with my ZMF Auteur and upgraded to S3 which has superior detail retrieval, better high frequency extension w/o harshness sometimes associated w/silver. Sorry I don't have Draug but Volsund is a great cable, S3 even better.
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  13. normie610
    @TigzStudio Trevor, I’ve received the paypal invoice and I’ve made the payment last week. Please check whether you’ve received the payment.

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  14. PY034
    Einvaldi vs silvergarde s3 comparison ?
  15. claud W
    Norne Einvaldi on ZMF Verite headphones. DSC_2151.JPG
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