Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

  1. runningwitit
    I just ordered the Silvergarde S in the two pin 3.5mm trrs version for my Aurisonics 2.5/2.0's. I believe the added current due to the wire size (disregarding the other factors), will take these ciems to the next level! My amplification is LH Labs V2+ Infinity/Revive, I'm hoping for a super dynamic sound after the cable has completely burned in. Larry at LH Labs really engineered some great sounding equipment, hopefully all excels!!

    Can anyone here tell me what their experience with the Silvergarde S?
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  2. bloodhawk
    Placed and order for the Eidolic HD800/HD800S connectors and its already shipped!! Damn Norne Audio is fast! Definitely coming back for a custom cable next month.
  3. whirlwind
    Anyone know the wait time for a cable at this point in time.
  4. seamon
    Just ask Trevor
  5. firegon
    Norne cables look absolutely stunning and judging by what everyone says, they also improve the quality of the sound a lot.

    My question is, has anyone tried any norne cables with T1v2?
    I've browsed a few (well, a bit more than a few) pages of this topic and it left me with more questions than answers, draug v2 or v3, silver or copper - or maybe a completely different model ... and then choosing the right splitter :darthsmile: It's just tough.

    I just want to neutralize or at the very least reduce the annoying echoing, without necessarily making it too much brighter or darker.
    Obviously any positive changes in clarity, separation, imagining etc. are welcome, but as long as it deals with the echo, I'm happy to pay.
  6. froger
    I am envious of those who have gotten their cables/connectors fast. I ordered my Therium iem cable during Black Friday sale last year and a couple of connectors even earlier and I have yet to receive them. I wonder if the wait is normal and if anyone is in the same shoes as me.
  7. BigAinCA
    Ordered mine during the same period. Have not been too worried about it yet as I do not know all the factors (demand, holiday time off, etc. ...) :)
  8. Liu Junyuan
    Best bet is to ask Trevor. My vote for the safest no-brainer purchase blind would be Draug v3.
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  9. Liu Junyuan
    By "last year," do you mean 2016? If so, I'd send Trevor an email ASAP. If 2017, I'm sure he's working on it soon.
  10. froger
    Yes, 2016. Sent quite a number of emails, got refunds and also replies on working on the cables and adapters. I understand that Trevor is swamped with orders. Just checking if it is the norm to wait for more than a year nowadays. I have been a customer since Norse audio days, but this wait will probably deter me from future order.
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  11. Thenewguy007
    Yeah a year + wait time is completely normal. Trevor is a one man show & when he is backed up with orders, it takes a long time to complete.
  12. thecrow
    I’m guessing your order/emails have been “lost” in the system, since you’re talking 2016
  13. TigzStudio
    PM Sent, we will sort out what happened here.
    If there is any error on my end you will be fully compensated have no doubt.

    To everyone I am working on a huge shipment of cables for this coming Monday-Tuesday, my goal is to try and
    clear a very large chunk out.
    Please email me for status check with order number or if you have any questions at all.

    edit: to frogger you should have received a full refund, free cable + future discount actually for this particular error,
    so I will make sure this free cable is on the way to you Monday.
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  14. TigzStudio
    Actually if there is anything past 2 months contact me asap via email or quick PM with order#, nothing should be waiting this long at all.
    I am actually going through and double checking all orders in the system to make sure.

    By the time this coming week is concluded I am hoping to have most stuff cleared out actually, with the exception of the more recent
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  15. Marco_tam
    I have! I am currently using the Draug v2 with my T1v2. Although I have not tried many cables other than the stock one, the improvement in sound quality is more than obvious. So with draug v2, you can expect a better clarity and imaging with a smoother performance on high frequency. With the stock cable, I often found it hard to bring out the music as if there was a block stopping the music from coming out. With Draug v2, everything is much better and the music can freely flow!
    I guess with the new Draug v3, the SQ would be improved to the next level, compared to v2.

    If you are dying to reduce the echoing without changing any equipment in your system, I would suggest you stick with copper. Although good silver does not produce harsh sound (as Trevor has talked about this a couple of times), it will not give you a warmer sound than it's just a matter of preference!

    Hope it helps!
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