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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. preproman
    No.  But he will sell you a DIY cable.
  2. Grev
    I think I will need more cables from Trevor too, namely his new flagship when it's available. :p
  3. kskwerl
    Yea I really can't wait to see this one and hear impressions
  4. Cante Ista
    Subscribed. [​IMG] Checking out diff silver cables to for my HE-6.
  5. preproman
    I think the Reign is his best silver cable.   It is silver - correct?[​IMG]
    I have a few on order now..
  6. Cante Ista
    Looking forward to impressions when you get them Preproman. When are they coming? What is the turnaround time?
  7. preproman
    Now his turn around time will vary.  He usually gets them done in about 3 weeks. 
  8. Grev

    Think it's Silver+Copper.
  9. kskwerl
    Here's some information from an email from Trevor.

    "Our Reign 12 Tri-Multiconductor would be equivelant of 4 x 21 awg.  With this geometry it allows for much less strand interaction.  
    On top of this with the Reign each sub-conductor is already type 2 litz (26awg).  So one 21awg Reign conductor would have three type 2 Cryo OCC Silver coated copper fine stranded litz conductors.  Each of our very fine 44awg strands making up the 26awg type 2 conductors is individually coated with specific thickness of silver to give the best of both OCC copper and silver.  Each of these silver coated strands are also of course coated with a razor thin enamel (Litz). "
  10. kskwerl
    Preproman, you should have your own imagine gallery on Trevor's website [​IMG]
  11. fuzzyash
    email trevor for the latest news on his cables
    norn 3...
  12. MaJoMax
    norn 3?? For lcd or hifiman??
  13. silversurfer616
    Have the adapter for the LCD2 cable,so I can use it with the Hifimans.Customer satisfaction here!
  14. preproman
    Stay tuned..[​IMG]
  15. preproman
    I can't stand the HiFiMans connectors..
    The best connectors are no connectors..[​IMG]
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