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Norne Audio Silvergarde S2 4 pin XLR, mini XLR(Audeze, ZMF)

Trader History (31)
  1. seamon
    For Sale
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    • North America
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    Selling a Norne Audio Silvergarde S2 terminated in 4 pin XLR. I used it with my Audeze LCD 4. Selling because I am funding a longer cable. This is 5 ft but my current desktop config needs a longer cable. I believe this is same as the current Silvergarde S3 but it does not have the transparent sleeving.

    20190118_164142.jpg lnalpCv.jpg
  2. Panimation
    I thought Abyss uses a 3pin connectors not 4pin like Audeze and Zmf?
  3. seamon
    I believe it's the same connector, Abyss might be missing a pin.
  4. maxfazer
    You are wrong
  5. seamon
    Yep you are right, Abyss uses 3 pin mini XLR. This is 4 pin mini XLR. MB

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