Norne audio Draug 2 cable for hd800 - 10 feet single ended - as new
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Oct 18, 2014
I am selling this a little below what my cost was - $525 AUD (about $375 USD) plus postage (and signature/tracking) and 2.5% paypal fees. So I'm guessing the bottom line will be about about $580 AUD ($415 USD) to say, the USA or about $555 AUD to Australia.
The RRP on this set up is $670 AUD ($480 USD) plus postage
Before I send this cable back to Trevor at Norne audio for a refund I'd like to offer it here for those that don't want to wait.
My set up (and my detail loving treble friendly head) is leaning to a hybrid and silver cable with him
It's barely used. About 10 hours i'd guess. 
Non smoking household and no pets
If you know much about Norne their cables (due to the manual hours needed to put them together plus demand) they can take quite a while to arrive - up to a few months. 
So in a nutshell if this suits you can get this cable NOW and save yourself a little.
It's arguably the most popular cable for the hd800 but my system is "allowing me" to go with their flagship silver cables. 
 Draug Length: 10 ft. 
- Draug Headphone Type: Sennheiser HD800
- Cable Color Choice: Black / Brown 
- Termination: Eidolic 1/4 rhodium with black barrel (red carbon) 
- Right / Left channel logo color selection: Red metallic (all) 
- Exotic Wood Splitter Type: Makassar Ebony (engraved, red fill)

Comes with the Norne pouch pictured
any questions just ask. 
Merry Christmas
peter t

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