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    Norne Arcane 6ft, Audeze, 4pin XLR. The XLR is the newest eidolic model.

    This was Norne’s flagship cable and retailed for about $550 at the time,
    As always, my price includes shipping and pp fee's in the US.
    DSC00861.JPG DSC00862.JPG DSC00863.JPG DSC00864.JPG

    Arcane Series
    - Equivalent 4 x 21awg
    - Half of each 21awg conductor is pure silver occ litz / Half is pure occ cu occ litz (results in 2 x 21awg pure silver occ litz & 2 x 21awg pure cu occ litz)
    - Strands are perfectly mixed together (never before seen)
    - Each of the 12-wires has a semi-conductive infused pliable polymer core
    - Each wire in our tri-conductor has the strands perfectly stable in a tube formation around our triboelectric neutralizing semi-conductive polymer core
    - Overall geometry has the four 21awg tri-conductors bi-directional twist
  2. rennwerkes
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