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Nordost Cables Thread

  1. Hawkertempest
    I to was a cable sceptic until I was helping a friend try and decide which cable he should purchase from a group his Hi-Fi Shop had recommended, Wow did I get an education, some of them were shocking, but the Nordost were so far superior to anything else.
    His and my system are all Nordost Tyr now and I wouldn't use anything else but Nordost, although I do use a Cardas Clear USB between my Computer and DAC.
    Never again will I use standard cables and I just don't understand how anyone can purchase high quality gear and then compromise it with cheap shoddy cables. It beggar's belief really, they may as well have gone out and purchased a Walkman. 
    Let's not go overboard with the hyperbole here...
    But, you must have had a lot of EMI in your setup to notice that much of a difference. Not sure a cable would make a difference for ground loop noise... but maybe there are also some benefits in impedance matching, phase noise, etc. Can you tell us more about it? I'm in the process of looking at my cabling now also, and I'm curious as to which measurable characteristics were improved and how...  
  3. Hawkertempest
    My Friend has a stunning system: Wadia 581se, Amazon 2 Turntable with Morch DP-8 Arm and Transfiguration Proteus MC Cartridge fitted , Sutherland PH-D, Plinius Tautoro Pre-Amp, Plinius Ref-103 Power and Martin Logan Summit X Speakers. He lives at the end of the road overlooking a protected  wetlands native reserve river estuary. There are no RFI or EMI issues. the nearest village is 10 kms away and the Tasman Sea is less than 1.5 kms away. Over the horizon about 2,700kms is Australia. He lives in a place that people would only dream of.
    He had no bad cables to start with, I won't name them as I don't think that's relevant or fair. All I can say is Jheena Lodwicks' Feelings2 XRCD is beautifully recorded and the song "feelings" will really show just how good your system really is.
    When we played it with the original set we thought it was very good, in fact we thought it was the bees knees and we were wasting our time really. We swapped out the cables with some of the others and quite frankly we could hear no differences.
    We were about to give up and not try the Nordost but changed our mind and did so and thank god we did, because the difference was more than subtle. The cymbal's, and her voice came alive, there was more decay and air, the soundstage grew, it was like the whole system had had a massive spring clean and been polished. It was a jaw dropping experience for both of us. It convinced the both of us beyond all doubt that cables do in fact make a massive contribution to the sound of your system.
    Since then, he has sold the Plinius Reference 103 and purchased a pair of Cary 500.1 Mono Blocks, but last week a pair of Acousticimagery ATSAH 500 Mono Power Amps arrived and are they something to listen to. Even fresh out of the box with only a few days run in by John Young these Amps are simply gorgeous.
    So long story short, I stand by my statement, if you have good gear and you throttle it with "cheap" cables then you may as well have saved even more money and purchased "cheap" gear. Because you are never going to hear what your gear is capable of producing and all it takes is walking into your "local" Hi-Fi Dealer and asking him/her if you can try some cables in "your" system. It doesn't hurt to ask and you might get a big surprise like I did. 
    Good Luck
    I don't think the rainforest has anything to do with EMI.. But thanks for the vivid description. The only thing you left out were lat/long coordinates :)

    I think the short answer to my question is "We don't know about the performance beyond how we feel it sounds" correct?

    That's fair enough if it is. I will keep looking for objective measurements. Thanks.

    Sent from my E5803 using a highly trained, special forces carrier pigeon
  5. Hawkertempest
    HaHaHa.....yes your right. It is down to the individual but I promise you there is no harm in having a listen and trying it out for yourself. Who knows you might get a pleasant surprise.
    Then again you might hear nothing at all
    Nothing ventured nothing gained though?
    Cheers from New Zealand
  6. Dillan
    Might I suggest letting your friend change the cables while your back is turned and you guessing which is which?
  7. Hawkertempest
    Not a problem, will try it this weekend.

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