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Nordost Cables Thread

  1. dL.
    The Official Nordost Cables Impression Thread
    (The Heimdall Hat-Trick. My recent purchases after attending a local Nordost event.)
    I've always been a non-believer in cables, especially since I've purchased cables from other well known brands in the past and there was barely any improvements. I always thought they were there to rip people off, so I've always settled for Monoprice or cables that don't go above $10.
    This was until I've met @HiFiGuy528 recently and if you guys follow him, you might think he works for Nordost because he constantly raves about it. That didn't sway me one bit, until I personally attended a Nordost presentation at The Sound Room in Vancouver BC (http://www.soundroom.ca/blog/2015/3/6/an-afternoon-with-nordost). What the heck right, I figured I probably wouldn't hear a difference.
    It was until Michael Taylor and his transparent demonstration that blew my mind away. What blew me first was how transparent the presentation was. Everybody saw exactly what cable(s) he replaced. Everybody saw that what equipment he was using, what volume level, what setting. He even showed us his setup on his Macbook Air and that he didn't replace a song from 128kbps to lossless. There was nothing fishy about the presentation. Heck, I'm sure he could get us to change the cable if he wanted to.
    Simply put, the difference was dramatic and mind-blowing. It was so dramatic that even an untrained ear (like myself) can pick up the improvements. From that day on, I knew that I couldn't live without Nordost and I immediately replaced all my cables with the Heimdall 2 series.
    I know there are many of you who have been using Nordost already, but I was surprised that there hasn't been an appreciation thread for this brand. I think Nordost deserves some love and attention on Head-Fi.
    For those who are non-believers like me in the past, I urge you to attend their demonstration at upcoming shows or locally (if they come to your city). I assure you that you will hear a difference. I can't promise if that difference is worth your investment because their price can be quite steep.
    Thank you Nordost. You've changed my life and my perception on cables. 
    Now, Let's show some Nordost love! [​IMG]
  2. HiFiGuy528
    My first experience with Nordost cables was with @mikeMercer. He knew I was using high-end cables already so he handed me his personal pair of Heimdall2 RCA cables and said nothing. After a couple of weeks of use, I was just floored by the improvements those cables made. Nordost cables won't boost or reduce a certain frequency. It enhance what you already love about your system's sound without changing the signature. Like the clouds/fog has lifted from what you were hearing and the sun is shining. Like coming out of a dark room and seeing light again. That wow experience. No joke!

    I have @mikemercer and Nordost to THANK for this life changing experience. :thumbsup::punch:
  3. Chris J
    Not too much activity here......bump!
  4. HiFiGuy528
  5. _Wes
    Maybe I'm missing it, but is there a link to where I can find them on the web?

  6. dmbr
    Yikes...pricey gear!
  7. sfviahouston
    Another fellow Nordost fanatic here. All of my headphone cables have been replaced with Heimdall 2's (HE1000's, LCD-X's and Ether C's).

    I also have their USB cable, the iKable and 3 different power cables.

    Also have a couple of headphone extension cables and the double XLR adapter. Yes they are pricey but quality is stellar, just wish they made IEM cables.
  8. lmf22
    I have been a Nordost fan for the past year. I have the Heimdall 2 speaker cables, interconnects, USB, and Frey 2 power cords (for the power conditioner and for the integrated amp). I plan to get Heimdall 2 power cords for the music server and DAC. 
  9. badf00d
    I went to an in-store event a couple of months ago and listened to Nordost USB cables on a very expensive speaker setup. I went in as a major skeptic - USB cables have to be snake oil, right? I mean, come on, it's ones and zeros, right?
    We started with a standard cheap cable - the kind you get with a USB printer or a typical consumer level DAC. It sounded pretty good, with no reference, and everyone enjoyed the song. From there we went up to a Blue Heaven (also Nordost) and heard a difference. Next was the Heimdall 2, which again made a difference. I asked the guy to drop from Heimdall 2 directly to the cheap cable. Everyone in the room was immediately shocked at how bad the cheap cable sounded. I was unexpectedly impressed, and everyone else agreed this was the "aha" moment they were wanting to hear.
    I borrowed a Heimdall 2 to audition with my gear, still a bit skeptical that I wouldn't hear a big difference in my far less expensive headphone setup at home. I heard an even bigger difference at home. I was really sucked into how great it sounded - more texture, dynamics, bass. I did a lot of A/B with my original cable, and really fell in love with the improved sound. When I returned the loaner, I missed its sound.
    I just picked up my own Heimdall 2 USB cable, and it is as good as I remember the loaner sounding. If you haven't heard a better USB cable, it's easy to say it's snake oil. In audio, USB doesn't have the same error correction as a hard drive or printer because it has to keep to a specific time - so the DAC ends up just doing its best with the data it received - no chance to redo a block. Nordost has nailed it with this cable, and it really took my gear to a new level. I'm now a believer.
    UPDATE: I tested XLR cables from two different companies (including Nordost Heimdall 2) and couldn't tell any difference on my setup. And I could barely tell a difference with a Heimdall 2 cable for my HD800. Still hear an easy difference with USB, so not sure where the weak link exists.
  10. raypin
    mmmm.....just the guy I'm looking for............also a Heimdall convert here. Love it with my HD 800/800S. My next cable upgrade would be for my Ethers. What is the SQ difference between the DUM for the Ether C and the Heimdall 2? I know the Heimdall does not color/alter the sound (at least with my 800 ad 800  S), so is it the same with the H2 on the Ether C? TIA.
  11. manpowre
    I got the Hemdall 2 xlr4 - mini xlr for my audeze lcd4. And Heimdall xlr3 0.6m between dac and amp!! sounds great.. much better than stock cables.
  12. Dillan
    Got the blue heaven power cord to go in between my amp and power conditioner. Not a huge believer in cables in general but I liked the look of it! Anyone know if they use silver in the blue heaven at all?
  13. HiFiGuy528
     It's risky to try to convince a room full of nay sayers. Their demos are truly impressive and no cable company does it that I know of.
    Try removing the conditioner and going direct from Nordost to wall outlet.
  14. Dillan

    Is it recommended to not use power conditioners? This one is a brand new one used specifically for audio. Surge protection, power voltage monitoring, EMI and RFI protection etc etc

    I guess I could always A/B to see! It's always a peace of mind when I put a good conditioner in between the noisy and inconsistent wall power and my gear
  15. Dillan
    To add to my previous post - I don't really see the point in an upgraded power cable if there are literally miles of inconsistent, cheap/old copper wiring before the upgraded power cable. Its directly connected. At least a conditioner could potentially clean some of that up

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