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Noontec New/Up-Coming Flagship Headphones! Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by billsonchang007, Jul 5, 2013.
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  1. BillsonChang007
    I was just surfing the net and I saw these Noontec headphones! Didn't see anyone mentioning here and I thought I will just share the news here! 
    It looks like Noontec is releasing their new flagship headphone, the Noontec Hammo! 
    [Picture from the official website]: http://en.noontec.com/En/Products/MusicalHeadphone/Hammo.html
    According to the spec given in the official website, the Noontec can go all the way down to 5Hz and all the way up to 30KHz featuring a 50mm dynamic driver!
    Followed by the Noontec Zoro Wireless!
    [Picure from the official website]: http://en.noontec.com/En/Products/MusicalHeadphone/zorowireless.html
    Finally! :D Noontec Zoro comes in wireless! :D 
    Lastly the already out, Noontec Zoro HD!
    It looks the same as the original Noontec Zoro but probably a driver upgrade? 
    Anyway, I am really interested on their coming flagship model, Noontec Hammo! Hopefully it sounds as good as it look! 
    Lastly, have anyone tested the ZoroHD? How does it sound! XD Do share your opinion below :)
    Billson :D
  2. gelocks
    ZoroHD was measured by Tyll...
    He seemed to like them.
    Seems the "Hammo" looks a bit better constructed though, I don't really like the "all plastic" look on them, makes them just look like a blatant Beats copy.
  3. Tus-Chan
    Really? I think the Hammo looks like a much classier, better built version of Beats.
  4. MrScratch
    Haha, that's something to look forward to. :D
  5. gelocks
    I didn't mean Hammo's construction, I meant ZoroHD from Tyll's measurements.
  6. BillsonChang007
    Thank you gelock for the measurements! By looking at the ZoroHD measurements... I don't see myself getting a pair of ZoroHD althought I am still interested on what people think about it XD

    I somehow like the design of the Noontec Hammo but yeah, when you put it next to the Beats... There are a lot of similarity...

    I hope the Noontec Hammos are over the ear! Hopefully I can compare these Noontec with the PSB M4U1 as it looks like they are in the same league XD

    Billson :)
  7. Jlox1
    I thought i'd give my opinion on the Zoro HDs i'm a noontecs biggest fan so I have all their products except the two recently released but I WILL be getting them. The Zoro HD is an improvement to the original Zoro in that the bass is a slightly heavier they look identical.In my honest opinion it's not worth buying if you already have the Zoro. NOw the Zoro Wireless. That's definitely worth a purchase can't wait to see the price on the Zoro Wireless and the Hammo. I'm think $149 for wireless and $199 for Hammo. 
  8. BillsonChang007

    Thanks for the impression! Your price guessing is pretty legit as well! XD
  9. potterpastor
    Posted a review of the Zoro Hds and it isn't getting any love, so I thought I'd post it here.
  10. gelocks
    Yeah, people here take to flock over to the more "established" brands and don't try a lot of the new stuff (especially if it looks like Beats knock-offs :wink:). Good impressions. I myself haven't bought a Zoro but a couple of people here at work have them (non-HD versions). They don't sound bad at all and they got them even cheaper because of a sale on W00t.com or a similar place.
    Let's see how these new ones perform...
  11. BillsonChang007
    Thanks Potterpastor for the impression! I got even more interested when you mention that the Zoro HD have forward mids, clear sound and pretty accurate. You just made me much more excited about the coming flagship :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD 
    lol...I heard Beats are releasing their 2nd version of their old products like the Studio V2, Tour V2... 
    If the Zoro HD sounded like my dream headphone, I will like to see how's the Hammo go, much clearer? More detailed? Awesome imaging, instrument separation? Even more accurate? MORE forward mids? idk...I'm extremely excited about it :DD
    Billson XD
  12. LinkPro
    Was expecting a 4 figfure headphone. Too bad just another gimmick ridden product.
  13. Tus-Chan
    I think it's really cute that Noontec has risen from above-average knock-off brand to an actual legitimate headphone manufacturer. Now they just need to lose the knock-off aesthetic.
  14. BillsonChang007
    Agree! Kind of hope they will build a headphone made of hard plastic / metal like the V-Modas / K550 instead of glossy plastic kind of got bored of it. 
  15. potterpastor
    Anyone know anything about those star headphones that look like Zoro HDs, but sell on Amazon for much cheaper?
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